Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

When you open the third video, John is sitting on the edge of the bed completely naked. Rachel is sitting on his lap facing him and she is also completely naked. They have their arms around each other and they are kissing passionately. Their hands are all over each other’s bodies as they kiss. This goes on for nearly five minutes and your cock starts to soften. Compared to what you saw in the last video, this more like soft porn and you start to feel disappointed.

John leans back into the bed and Rachel is pulled on top of him. It’s then that you realize Rachel has John’s cock all the way inside her pussy. They are not moving or fucking, but John’s massive cock is definitely all the way inside her. You didn’t see it before because of the camera angle but there it is. The camera then zooms in to show how her pussy lips are stretched white around the base of his thick shaft, her pussy twitching around John’s cock which is doing the same.

They stay like this for about five minutes, then Rachel agonizingly slowly lifts herself off of him. About half way, you see the bottom of a condom. By the time she completely pulls her pussy off of his cock, you can see the top half of his cock was ensconced in rubber.

The video ends there.

You jerk furiously and erupt all over, spraying wildly. You watch it again and cum just as hard. You watch the video over and over again until your balls are sore and your cock is chapped from stroking. You eventually pass out on the desk.