Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You keep looking back at the entrance and wondering if Rachel is okay, but your attention is drawn back to the movie of the hot blonde babe getting inseminated by a black man against her will. You leak a little cum when the man inseminates the helpless blonde woman on the screen, but get concerned Rachel hasn’t returned yet and go looking for her.

You can’t find her anywhere and decide to look in the second theater. Maybe she got lost and went to the wrong room you think. You walk in and the theater is even darker than the one you and Rachel were in. There is brighter scene on screen that illuminates the room a little more and your eyes find a little blonde woman fucking a man in a chair a few rows away. You can hear them panting as she rises and falls. Then you hear her asking the man to cum inside her. You can’t take your eyes off them and feel bad for watching, but think that kind of thing happens here and keep looking.

Then it gets a lot brighter for a moment and your heart jumps up into your throat. It’s Rachel bouncing up and down on a stranger, and a second later you can see the man is black. You watch frozen as the man pulls your wife down onto his cock and grunts over and over, telling your wife to take his black seed in her pussy.