Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You and Monica go to get Rachel in the morning and find her curled up in a corner shivering with some trash covering her.

“Ross? Monica?”

Rachel cries out when she sees you and bursts into tears. She tries to get up but only makes it half way up before she falls on her face. She’s covered in streaks of white cum. Her hair matted down and wild as if she was run over by an out of control can of hairspray.

“Are you ready to go home?”

“Please… please take me away from this place.”

Rachel starts babbling incoherently and sobbing at the same time. You and Monica have to hold her up from either side so she can walk out.

It takes her a week to recover from the night of gang rape she wanted and asked for. The bruises around her pussy and asshole take more than three weeks to fully go away. Rachel sleeps for two days before she gets up and started interacting with you and Monica again.

Rachel sleeps a lot. You and Monica fuck a lot. Rachel doesn’t notice because she’s in shock from the experience. A month goes by and Rachel misses her period. She waits a week before taking a test and sure enough she’s pregnant. She’s beside herself with grief and seeks you out.

Unfortunately you thought she was asleep when you and Monica started your celebration fuck.

“Ross! Monica! What the hell are you two doing?”

You are a bit tongue-tied with the words you practiced over and over inside your head, but it’s hard to get them out when your cock is buried in your girlfriend’s best friend’s pussy and about to explode deep inside her.

Luckily, Monica is much quicker on her back as she responds while you keep pounding her succulent pussy.

“We are having a celebration fuck…”

“Celebrating what?” Rachel asks, flabbergasted.

“I’m having Ross’s baby! We’re pregnant!”

Hearing Monica say she’s pregnant with your baby pushes you over the edge and you blast her already pregnant pussy and womb with your highly effective, but undiseased, cum, shooting deep into your new lover and mother of your future child to be.

Rachel runs out of the room unable to say anything.

When you and Monica get cleaned up and find Rachel, she’s in a semi-catatonic state, repeating the words, “I’m pregnant… I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant…”

Nothing you or Monica do can make her stop so you call an ambulance and they end up committing her to a mental asylum.

You and Monica use the video footage to have your marriage to Rachel annulled. The next day you get married.

Life has consequences. And Rachel made her choices… she delivers a black baby that seems to have some unknown skin condition.

The End