Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

John rips open the new condom and brings it to the tip of his cock which has even more cum on it than before. There is so much of it that it’s running down around the enormous head and dripping down to the floor. John ignores it and carelessly rolls the condom over his messy cock.

Once again, the cum that was stuck to his shaft gets pushed along by the condom as John unrolls it along his shaft. This time there is so much John has to use his other hand to wipe it away.

“Good boy, John!” you say out loud.

John finishes unrolling the condom onto his cock and uses his other hand to stroke it a half dozen times.

“Get on your hands and knees, Rachel. I’m gonna fuck you doggy-style!”

You never offered or made a move to have sex in any position with her, always just opting for missionary which was the most comfortable for you, but seeing your girlfriend on all fours with her ass pointed up and ready to get fucked makes you spring to attention.

John positions himself at her entrance and pushes his cock into her to the hilt. John grabs her ass cheeks in each hand and starts to fuck her in earnest.

“Ugh… ugh… oooohhh… oooohhhhhhh…” Rachel moans as John’s cock saws in and out at a good pace. You see one of her asscheeks is glistening and wonder why only one cheek is sweating… then realize it’s not sweat because there is too much moisture for it to be sweat and sweat isn’t slimy and white.

A sudden realization over-cums you. That very same hand stroked the outside of the condom that is supposed to keep the white baby-making stuff out of her pussy. That condom is ten inches inside your girlfriend’s pussy at this very moment. You’re not quite sure why it turns you on so much that your girlfriend is inseminated again for a second time in less than twenty minutes, but you stroke hard and fast and erupt all over the floor in front of you. There is a small puddle of your cum forming on the carpet.

John fucks her like that for only five minutes, pushes into her and fills another condom with his load. He is balls-deep and grunting like an animal. Rachel is wagging her hips back and forth as John cums inside her.

“Oh my god I can feel the condom expanding!” Rachel says as her body goes into spasms from her intense orgasm.

John holds his cock deep inside your girlfriend as she cums, enjoying her pussy pulsing and twitching, milking his cock for more cum. Another minute and Rachel falls onto her belly. John’s cock slides out of her and the tip is filled with just as much of his cum as the first two condoms. John pulls the condom off and loosely ties that one off too. He gets up and returns with a Pyrex mixing bowl, putting it on the table. He deposits the used cum-filled condoms in the bowl and plops down onto a couch. He leans his head back and closes his eyes.

You think the action is over because they stay like that for a couple of minutes just breathing. You take this opportunity to go pee. When you get back, Rachel is kneeling in front of John sucking his semi-hard cock back to life. You had no idea your girlfriend of six years had such a large appetite for sex but you appreciate the benefits of watching it.

Rachel makes love to John’s cock with her mouth, sucking for all she’s worth. You’re ready to watch her swallow his load when she stands up, straddles John and sinks her pussy onto his cock. She lets out an “aaaahhhhhhhh” as her hungry pussy gobbles up the massive cock until her pussy lips are mashed up against his pubic hair.

“Your cock feels so good without the condom. John, I wish we could fuck like this from now on…” and she starts to rock back and forth, his cock still buried balls-deep inside her.

“Rachel, I want that too, but what if I shoot a baby into your belly?”

“Right now that doesn’t sound so bad…”

“Oh my god Rachel, your pussy is pulsing around my cock. It feels like your pussy is trying to milk the cum out of me!”

Rachel suddenly looks dead serious and stares into John’s eyes. “That is exactly what I’m doing, John. I so want to feel your cock erupting inside me, shooting your thick white cum into me again and again!” Her hips rock faster.

“Oh my god, Rachel. You’re gonna make me cum so hard!”

You stare in amazement and suddenly realize you are stroking yourself hard and fast.

“Cum John… Cum for me… cum inside me… I want to feel you deep inside me!”

“Aaaahhhhhhhhh” John screams as he grabs onto your girlfriend’s rocking hips, holding her in place as he starts to pump his cock in and out of her hard and fast. You’re stroking your cock in rhythm to the thwacking of John’s heavy balls on your girlfriend’s ass as his cock pistons in and out. Rachel goes into orgasm, her entire body shaking uncontrollably, her pussy spasming on John’s cock. John continues to pound his cock into your orgasming girlfriend.

Then it happens…

John cums…

Deep inside your girlfriend…

His massive load bursting into her…

Into her fertile and unprotected pussy…

Both of them cry out in unison. Joined together in this moment, his sperm filling her birth canal and blasted at the entrance to her womb. Wiggling and struggling to swim their way deeper into her to find her precious life-making egg. John and Rachel hold each other tightly and convulse together as they continue to cum together.

It takes them nearly five minutes to come down from their orgasms before they regain their senses. John’s cock is still buried balls-deep inside your girlfriend, but there is a steady stream of his cum leaking out of her tightly-stretched pussy. It dribbles out of her and makes its way down John’s balls, eventually dripping down to the floor.

“John…I had no idea sex could be like this.. .you have no idea what just happened to me…”

“Oh Rachel, you are the most beautiful woman I know. Thank you. Thank you for this amazing moment together.”

“We have at least six more months here and we can do this every night! John, I want your cock inside my pussy as often and for as long as we can manage.”

“I think I can manage that!”

Rachel smiles and started to rise and fall on his cock again. She leans in on him to kiss him as she rides his cock slowly. You zoom in on her pussy and see him squishing the cum out of her. There is so much cum it’s hard to believe it all came from just one man.

Several minutes in to the riding, Rachel turns herself around so she can lean back on John’s strong chest. She manages to keep his cock mostly inside her as she twists around.

Now you can see the top of her slit and his giant cock much better as it glides in and out of her. His hands are all over her boobs belly and pussy as they fuck. Their lips mash together in a never ending kiss.

You are stroking your soft cock that’s trying to come back to life when their movements start increasing.

“Cum in me again, John. I want more of your cum inside me!”

“Okay… here it cums!”

“Aaahhhh…” Rachel says softly as she has a soft orgasm as John’s cock twitches and pulses inside her.

Your cock comes roaring back to life and you cum, but there’s only a little dribble. Your reservoir is depleted. Your cock instantly goes soft from being used so much. You look back at the screen and John is still inside your girlfriend’s pussy, his cock pulsing and pumping his cum into her. You would’ve called anyone a liar if they told you a man could cum nearly four ounces of cum in less than an hour and half if you weren’t watching it happen on your screen.

John’s cum literally streams out of her pussy because there’s just no more room in there. John must have some limits too because his cock does soften and fall out of your girlfriend after a couple of minutes as they continue to kiss.

You continue to stare at your girlfriend’s pussy and slowly but surely his cum becomes visible. At first it’s just a little white spot… a small peanut-sized bubble of thick white jism, but each second there is more and more. Eventually her pussy overflows and there’s a veritable river of cum flowing out of her. It runs down her crack, over John’s balls, and drips down onto the floor.

Rachel reaches over to the used condoms, loosens one, and sticks the open end of it into her pussy, pushing it in nearly all the way inside her except for the top inch or so that was filled with his cum from before, and squeezes it into herself. Your mind is blown away. She does the same to the other two. She then starts to finger-fuck herself.

“Mmmm… John, I love your cum inside me. I just can’t get enough!” she says, then uses her free hand to rub it all over her crotch.

“Here Rachel. Let me help you.”

John pushes his now-hard-again cock back into Rachel. He uses his cock to work as much of his own cum back into her fertile pussy as possible. Rachel plays with his massive balls and soon has him cumming into her again. They moan and groan, enjoying their coupling like newlyweds on their honeymoon. They don’t even bother to clean up as they get up from the couch.

It is nearly midnight and John and Rachel go into John’s room and cuddle up together to fall asleep. You watch them sleeping for a while and start hitting the whiskey hard until you can’t see straight. You stagger as you get up from the computer and stumble/crawl to bed and pass out.