Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Here’s my list Ross. Your best friends Jamie, Mike, and Charles, my college friends Marcus and Jamaal, and my boss, John.”

“Shit! That’s a lot of guys! Are you sure you can handle them all at once? The most we’ve ever done was two rounds of missionary and that was during our honeymoon!”

“Yes, Ross, if we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do it right!

“But your black college friends? You’ve never been with anyone other than me and you’re gonna have interracial sex? And your boss? Won’t that be awkward come Monday morning when you return to work? And my best friends?”

“I was hoping this could be like a once or twice monthly thing. It’ll all become pretty normal after a while. Besides, Ross, if you saw the bulge between John’s legs you’d understand!”

“Uuuhhh, okay, didn’t know you had a size thing.”

“I don’t. Your four inch cock in my tight little pussy has always satisfied me, but I have never had any other cock inside me and I want to try make this experience as memorable as possible in case we never do it again!”

“Okay. That makes sense, but isn’t John Asian? I thought Asian men had small dicks like me?”

“I can’t imagine the bulge lies, but we will find out when he gets here!”

“Hmmm, okay. I guess we will see. Rachel, will they be wearing condoms? My friends don’t necessarily have to because they all got snipped even before me, but I’m not sure about your friends or your boss. I don’t want to raise any of their babies.”

“Marcus told me the reason he and his wife can’t have any babies is due to his almost non-existent sperm count, he said each load has like three live sperm or something. They are saving up for in-vitro. Jamaal was born sterile, so he can’t make any babies. That just leaves John. I’ll make sure to talk to him about pulling out.

“Rachel, how do you know he will pull out?”

“I picked the men because they can all be trusted! I’m sure it won’t be a problem…”

“But you just finished your period yesterday. Aren’t you at your most fertile this weekend?”

“Ross! Are you gonna support me or what?”

“Aaahh, fine, but we need to talk to them firmly before any of them stick their wicks inside your pussy! And I don’t want any of them cumming inside you, not even my friends who got clipped!”

“Oh, thank you Ross! It won’t be a huge problem.”

“I really hope not. When are we doing this thing? I’m excited to experience this with my guys!” You grab your cock in playful anticipation.

“Oh Ross, I’m so sorry. You won’t be participating.”

“What? Why not?” You are feeling seriously disappointed.

“Well, I thought about it and I want someone recording from start to finish and I really want you to get in with us to capture the action, and you can unofficially keep watch on the guys so they don’t do anything stupid. They are all good guys but I’d feel better if you’d keep watch instead of being part of the action.”

You think it over and it makes a great deal of sense so you agree.

“I figured our kids are gonna be with my parents this weekend, and they get picked up Friday right after school, so that night!”