Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Emma...)

“Well, since you gave me such a good blowjob just now, I would very much like to return the favor,” you say and glance at your girlfriend. “If you don’t mind Rachel?”

“Oh please, just pretend I’m not here,” says Rachel, slumped back in the comfortable reading chair. She’s trying to play it cool but you can see she’s flustered and excited. Her big eyes are wide open looking straight at you.

You push Alexis back towards the bed. When he sits down you pull down his shorts, exposing his half-erect penis in front of your face as you kneel down before him. You draw a short breath when you see how big it is, almost as big as yours. Alex chuckles and leans back. “Don’t worry,” he says, “it won’t bite.”

You never even held another man’s dick in your hand before, and now as you fold your fingers around the base of Alexis’ penis you’re surprised how thick it feels in your hand. You pull the foreskin back and expose his cock head, which seems to be staring at you like an angry eye.

“This is for Rachel,” you think to yourself as you lean down and carefully touch his cock head with the tip of your tongue. At first you just lick it hesitantly, not sure how to do it, but soon you start licking it more and more intently. You continue to lick his dick lower and lower all the way from the head to the shaft and then back up again. Occasionally you steal a glance at Rachel sitting in the chair with her legs spread wide. She doesn’t seem to object. She keeps her eyes fixed on you with a mesmerized look in her face.

It tastes different. Not like you would have expected. While holding his dick in your one hand you take a deep breath and put your lips around the head of his cock. Having another man’s dick in your mouth is a completely different experience for you, and you’re surprised to find how exciting it feels. It feels so big and strong and you can feel how horny and sensitive Alexis is.

It turns you on to think how vulnerable he is, as you lower your head over his penis shaft. And since you’ve had quite a few blow jobs in your life you can imagine what he must be feeling right now. You start going deeper and faster and Alexis is moaning louder and louder.

You slow down for a while to look at your girlfriend. Rachel is sitting with her mouth half open, breathing heavily. You can see she has unbuttoned her pants and she’s slipped her fingers in under her panties, rubbing her clit. When she sees you looking at her she nods, encouraging you to go on.

Seeing your girlfriend really enjoying the show you’re putting up for her you feel encouraged to give even more. You pull down the shaft of Alexis’ cock and try to fit as much as possible of it into your mouth. His cock is big and getting bigger, you can feel it pushing at the back of your throat and your face spasm as you try to hold back the reflex to gag. You can hear Alexis is breathing heavier so you think you must be doing something right. You keep it back there for just a short while before you pull back your head and ram his cock all the way back into your mouth again.

Even though you’ve never given a man a blowjob before, you know what you like yourself, and you try to make him feel as good as possible. You want to make him come in your mouth, because that would prove to Rachel that you’re really dedicated to do anything for her. With one hand you’re holding back his shaft and with the other you start fondling his balls as you keep sucking him harder and harder. You hear Alexis moan above you and you feel it’s not long now before he pops.

Suddenly you feel Alexis’ slender fingers in your hair.