Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Friday night comes. Rachel cleared a little extra space in the living room and moved the coffee table to make a larger open space in the living room where there is a thick and plush area rug. Pushing the couches back a bit gives plenty of room for the seven of them to roll around on.

Everyone kinda just sits around with drinks in their hands trying to make small talk, but the sexual tension and nervousness is palpable. Rachel suddenly gets up and strips down to her birthday suit. You’re not sure when, but Rachel has trimmed her blonde bush neatly in a V, like it is pointing to the buried treasure between her legs. She poses and puts out her hands to either side palms up as if to say, “Are we gonna get this started or what?”

Everyone else starts to strip and soon everyone is eyeing each other up, trying to decide who will approach who.

You are proud of your girlfriend because she has a perfect body any woman or man would kill for. Although her boobs are not gigantic, they are a good handful and don’t sag one bit, her nipples are rock hard and big, and her body is toned enough that you can see the lines of the muscles she works so had at maintaining with weights, yoga and serious cardio.

Marcus, Jamaal and your friends all have rounded midsections from too much sitting at desks. Your friends sport five-inch cocks, Marcus and Jamaal look a little longer at just under six inches but both are pretty thick compared to yours and Jamie’s, and look impressive as they harden up and hang between their legs.

John, on the other hand, is a huge surprise (no pun intended!!). His body is ripped. He must work out regularly because he looks like an Olympic gymnast, his muscles ripple and his abs make the drawn-on washboard abs of the Spartans on the movie “300” look like flab. John has an incredible body, but his cock is the most impressive thing about him.

John’s cock is nearly eleven inches long and almost two inches thick from tip to base. The head of his cock looks like a shiny purple plum. His ballsack is huge, and looks like someone put a couple of kiwi fruit in a flesh sack. They hang nearly four inches from the base of his massive fuck pole, making everyone gasp.

“Holy shit, John! I had no idea a cock came that big! Let alone on an Asian man!” says Rachel.

John’s face colors a deep red as he answers, “Ummm, yeah. I’m somewhat of an anomaly.”

All eyes are fixed on John. “The ladies must really like you!” says Jamie.

“Well, actually I wouldn’t know. I’m kinda like the forty-year-old virgin in real life. I’ve never been with a woman — all the women I’ve ever dated always got scared off when they saw how big I was.”

In unison everyone says, “No shit!”

Startled, John actually steps back as he answers, “Is… is that going to be a problem?”

It is Rachel who actually answers first. “Not at all, John. In fact I actually like that you are a virgin. I am honored actually! And trust me, I’m not gonna get scared off. You’re gonna get to stick that monster inside me all night, I promise!”

With that Rachel steps up to John, grabs his face tenderly with her tiny hands and gives John a deep twenty-second kiss that has plenty of tongue. John’s cock becomes instantly hard from the kissing and skin contact. The head of his cock taps Rachel’s pussy a of couple times as it gets to full hardness, making her giggle like a little girl.