Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You are seriously considering putting a stop to this, but you have heard of and seen in porn when a woman becomes hyper-aroused, they can produce a thick white ejaculate similar to a man’s. Judging by your girlfriend’s level of excitement, you can believe this is what might be producing the thick white froth.

What you don’t know is that to create “sex froth” that acts as a fertility accelerator, you need a very specific combination of sperm-filled semen and women’s estrogen-filled vaginal fluid in an exact combination. You also don’t know that this fertility event only occurs between genetically matched individuals between 90% and 99.99% genetic compatibility. The higher the compatibility, the greater the sex froth created. You also don’t know that your girlfriend and John are 99.999% genetically compatible, a situation which occurs between only ten couples within a ten year span in the entire world.

Editor’s note: I have no fucking idea whether this is true or not.

Not knowing how rare the genetic match is between your girlfriend and John, you just watch in ignorance at the inevitable happening before your eyes.

John rolls the two of them over and fucks your girlfriend with long steady strokes of his cock in missionary. Rachel’s arms wrapped around John’s muscular torso and her ankles locked behind John’s ass, daring him to try pulling away.

John slides his massive cock in and out of your girlfriend for nearly an hour, pulling out until just the tip is inside her, then pushing back in until his entire shaft is buried inside her tight little pussy. You watch your girlfriend become lost in her pleasure, losing awareness of her surroundings and only able to focus on John’s massive cock. Rachel’s skin is pink from head to toe, and every inch of her alive and literally glowing. Her moaning becomes a constant sound, her body is undulating, twitching, and flexing every 20-30 seconds as she has orgasm after orgasm in a staccato of pleasure.

“John, John, John, fuck me, fuck me, give me your cock, your seed, there is only you. Please, make me complete. Please join us…”

John leans down to plant his lips on Rachel’s and kisses her as he pushes into her one last time and holds himself very still. His entire body tenses from head to toe, every strip of muscle flexing. Rachel pulls him to her as hard as she can manage using her arms and legs.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh my god yes! Mmmmm, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

You have no words to describe the sexual perfection you are witnessing so you say nothing and bask in the glory of being witness to sexual greatness.

John and Rachel remain connected through his cock, which remains buried inside her perfect pussy for the next ten minutes.

John and Rachel fuck again, and again, and again throughout the night. Each time Rachel pulling a massive load of sperm filled cum from his massive cock and balls. Her friends and your friends go back to their spouses and you end up sleeping in the guest room.

You check on them in the morning to find they are joined again and from the amount of froth on them and on the bed they’ve been at it for a couple hours already.

They spend the weekend fucking and you lose count of how many times John cums inside your girlfriend. By Sunday, you’re not really sure you can still call her your girlfriend.

“Ross, John asked me to come live with him and, I’m going with him. I hope you understand I never intended for this to happen but John, I, I don’t know what it is, but I just feel this irresistible pull toward him. It’s like I’m someone completely different when his cock is inside me. I feel, complete, can you understand?”

Looking into Rachel’s face you want to say yes, you understand, because you felt that too, that irresistible and irrevocable connection you saw your girlfriend make with her boss John. Then without your heart’s permission, your mouth utters the words…

“Yes I understand, and I don’t blame you.”

“Thank you Ross,” Rachel says as she and John leave. This the last time you see your girlfriend in person.

You are still friends with her on social media and you watch in pictures as Rachel’s belly grows and grows until pictures of a happy Rachel with her baby are posted. John is often in the photos and by all accounts he is the best lover, companion, and father to Rachel and his child.

The End