Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Rachel is on her back, buck naked on the floor, lying on top of the period costumes they were probably wearing a moment ago. John is standing at her feet, naked as well. His cock is enormous, you think, as the camera pans around to the side. John’s character has a brief conversation about how Rachel’s character better live up to her slut reputation, then kneels down between her legs. The camera pans in closer so there is a top-down shot. John grabs his cock and without any ceremony, lines up and enters Rachel. He pushes in fully on the first pass, and you can see the outline of his cockhead pushing its way along inside her on her flat abdomen.

Rachel’s character groans loudly, then tells John’s character to fucking pound her little pussy. Which John does. His enormous cock slides in and out of her pussy like a battering ram. His cockhead pushes up on her abdomen and you can watch the bump it makes on Rachel’s belly as it move back and forth. John starts slowly, but speeds up as the minutes tick by until his cock is a blur as it pistons in and out of your girlfriend.

Rachel screams out loud as her body shakes in orgasm. John powers through her orgasm, continuing to fuck the shit out of her. When her orgasm winds down, John pulls out, lifts her up and puts her in doggy position, then re-enters her to pound her pussy again. Mark is capturing the action expertly. Ten minutes into the scene, and Rachel and John are on their fifth position with Rachel riding him while they are both sitting.

John’s hands are on her hips holding her steady as she has what you think is her sixth orgasm of the video, her entire body shuddering and her breathing coming in desperate gasps. It seems to be too much for John and he grunts loudly, pulls her down on his cock with his hands and cums deep inside her pussy. Mark captures it all, the camera moving to her pussy where John’s cock is balls-deep inside her, twitching and tightening as he pumps her full of his sperm-laden semen.

You hear John’s character say, “You’re such a good slut on my cock. I’m gonna keep taking this body whenever I want!”

“Oh yeah, I want that! I want you to keep taking me over and over again! Your cum inside me feels so deliciously bad! I want you to keep me always filled up with your cum. I want to carry it with me everywhere I go!”

The video ends.

Your mouth is open and you have a spontaneous orgasm, cumming inside your shorts with a grunt.