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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Emma...)

Alexis grabs you by your hair and starts forcefully pulling you towards him, faster and faster while pushing his cock deeper into the back of your throat. You try to keep up with the force and the tempo and at the same time fighting the reflex to gag as you feel his dick pounding deeper and deeper down into your throat.

You try to think of drinking a glass of water, opening yourself up as much as possible. You hardly get air from breathing through your nose but you keep pushing yourself down at his crotch as deep as you can. Just when you think you can’t take it anymore and you’re about to pull away, you feel him thrusting into you one last time. Then he squirts the salty taste of his semen into your mouth. He pounds at you a few more times, and you feel more of his juices filling your mouth, some of it dripping out the side of your mouth and dripping down over your chin.

“So that’s what it tastes like,” you think to yourself.