Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Well, if you liked what you’ve seen so far, wait till you see the final sex scene, Ross.”

You wonder what could top what you’ve seen so far and click on the final video link.

Katherine and Bianca are sitting on a bed talking when John’s character comes in with the actors who are playing the parents.

“Bianca and Katherine, your parents and I have been talking and we have decided both of you will be marrying me right now.”

“What?” Katherine and Bianca say at the same time,

“That’s right dears,” says the mother. “John has agreed to take both of you as his wives after we offered a sizable dowry. We are lucky that he agreed because we were getting worried we might never marry you two off to a respectable household!”

“Is that allowed mother?” Katherine asks.

“Anything is allowed if John wills it. His position in the aristocracy will elevate our family name! And two at the same time! In fact, he will be consummating your marriage immediately!”

“But mother! We didn’t even get married,”

“It’s just procedural. We already had the family priest sign the forms. We just have to witness the consummation!”

With that statement, John strips naked and begins to undress both women.

“Oh my! John sure does have a big one! You girls should consider yourselves lucky! Your father’s is tiny compared to his! Come on honey, show them!”

Their “father” whips out a rock hard cock that is about four and half inches long.

John finishes undressing the women and practically pushes Monica onto the bed. Without any ceremony, he lays on top of her and shoves his cock into her pussy.

“Aaaaahhhh” Monica half yells as her pussy is pried open by John’s massive tool. John immediately begins to pump in and out of her pussy and within a minute, Monica’s pussy has juiced enough for John’s pumping to make squelching sounds. John waves Rachel over and has her lie on her back next to Monica’s head with her pussy pointed up. John plants his mouth on her glistening pussy and begins to suck hard. He sucks so hard his cheeks begin to hollow in and makes Rachel moan.

Your eyes are drawn to the father who is standing with their mother giving him a noisy blowjob.

John has Rachel lie on her back, then shoves his entire length into her dripping wet cocksheath in one smooth motion. Rachel moans loudly as Monica plants her freshly fucked pussy onto her face. John then begins to massage Monica’s boobs as he kisses her.

John leans back and pulls his cock out of Rachel’s pussy and points the glistening rod at Monica who leans in and sucks as much of it into her mouth as possible. John pulls back and re-enters Rachel, fucking her harder and faster. Monica leans back and closes her eyes, her mouth shiny and glistening with her best friend’s juices as she cums all over Rachel’s mouth. Rachel sucks Monica’s pussy with more enthusiasm, making her friend spray her chest in a massive second orgasm.

As John increases his thrusting, his cock becoming a blur, Rachel shakes and shudders in orgasm from the cock pounding her pussy. This sets John off and he thrusts into her one last time and cums deep inside your girlfriend, filling her with a massive load of his seed.

The parents finish as well and sit back down to finish watching. As soon as John finishes cumming inside your girlfriend, he rolls over onto his back and pulls Monica’s pussy down on his still cum-leaking cock. John then pulls Rachel’s pussy onto his face and starts to suck on her freshly inseminated pussy. Within a few minutes, Rachel’s body is shuddering again in another orgasm. Seeing her friend cumming so hard triggers Monica who slams her pussy down hard on John’s cock and writhes around in pleasure. This sets John off and he cums for the second time within ten minutes, inseminating Monica. His balls twitch and his shaft pulses as his baby-making jism courses through his shaft and splashes against the entrance to Monica’s womb.

John then maneuvers Rachel on top of Monica in a sixty-nine position and the ladies start munching on each other’s pussies like there’s no tomorrow. John spits a large glob of saliva onto Rachel’s asshole and lines up his still-hard cock. He hesitates a moment until Rachel feels him at her sphincter and looks back at him. She gives him a subtle nod and he thrusts forward, entering her to the hilt on the first pass.

“Aaahhhh, aaaahhhh, Aaaaahhhhhhhh…” comes out of Rachel’s open mouth as John begins to pump his thick cock in and out of her asshole.

By this point in the video, it’s just pure and wanton sex. There is no storyline, no dialogue, just hardcore fucking. The father has his head securely ensconced between the mother’s legs, making loud lapping sounds.

A minute later, John pushes in and his balls constrict, his shaft pulsing as he cums deep inside Rachel. When he finishes cumming in your girlfriend’s asshole, he resumes fucking her.

“Bianca, your asshole is amazing around my cock! You make me so hard!”

Rachel responds to John by saying, “it’s yours now, John! Fuck it until it’s swollen and raw! Fill it with your spunk! Fill me up! Make my asshole pregnant!”

You can see as John continues to fuck Rachel’s asshole that his previous load is being fucked out of her, the brownish cum dripping down her pussy slit and into Monica’s mouth. Monica is slurping away like she is eating ice cream. Several drips of the brownish cum lands on Monica’s face and Monica doesn’t seem to mind. She just rubs it into her skin and keeps eating Rachel’s pussy.

John pulls out of Rachel’s asshole, thrusts into her pussy hard, fucks her with hard fast thrusts for a minute, then goes back to her asshole. He repeats this for several minutes until both of Rachel’s holes are literally glowing red and swollen.

John has Rachel and Monica switch places and you can actually see Monica’s face has some fear on it.

“Is Monica a virgin in her asshole too?” you ask Rachel.

“Not anymore.”

John pushes his dick into Monica’s pussy, not bothering to clean his cock, and fucks her until she cums on his cock with a spray of her juices. He then lines up and fucks his massive cock into Monica’s no-longer-virgin asshole.

“Oh my god, oh my god, fuck! fuck! fuck!” Monica shouts out as John’s cock disappears inch by inch into her anal cavity. She is literally panting and gasping for air by the time he is inside her fully. He waits only a couple seconds then starts to fuck her.

“Please go slow, you’re gonna rip my asshole in two!” Monica utters in between gasps of breath. Rachel is busy lapping away at Monica’s twitching pussy.

John says, “Okay I’ll go slow,” but speeds up instead.

“Aaahhhhhhh, it hurts! It hurts!” Monica says to no avail. John’s cock is pumping in and out of her with full long strokes with John pulling almost the entire length out of her, then pushing back in completely. Within two minutes, John is blasting her insides with a load of cum. Monica is actually crying and saying, “Oh my god my asshole! Oh my god my asshole is ruined!”

John doesn’t wait to finish cumming inside her asshole, and while he is still spurting, pulls back, lines up at the entrance to her pussy and thrusts forward. He fucks her pussy for several seconds, then renters her her asshole, and repeats over and over again, his cum brown from mixing with Monica’s ass juices, dripping from Monica’s asshole and into Rachel’s mouth. It’s much darker than when it dripped from your girlfriend’s asshole, but It doesn’t seem to bother Rachel as she laps it up hungrily like Monica did a few minutes ago.

Soon Monica’s asshole and pussy are swollen red, but much more than Rachel’s. John thrusts into Monica’s asshole one final time and shoots his sixth load within thirty minutes deep inside Monica’s ass. He pulls out of her hole and Monica rolls off of Rachel. Rachel moves to lie on the bed next to Monica, the two of them holding hands.

John comes up along Rachel’s body, grabs his still mostly hard cock, covered in the slick brown-tinged semen from Monica’s asshole, and shoves it into your girlfriend’s pussy. When his balls are resting in your girlfriend’s asshole he lays on top of her and puts his head down.

The parents stand up and say, “We are certain this was the right choice and witness the successful consummation of your marriage to John. We love you girls!”

The video ends as they leave the room.