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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lebron...)

“I want to try anal,” Rachel says in a very shy, subtle voice. Your cock twitches from on hearing that come out her mouth. You’ve always wanted to do it with her but you never thought she would be down so you never mentioned it.

“You sure?” you ask, trying not to sound over eager.

“Yea I’m sure, but there’s another thing…” she says, her eyes trailing away from yours. “I want it to be rough sex, like very rough.”

You’ve heard all you need to hear and get up. You grab your girlfriend by the legs and spread them. You have her ass on the edge of the bed lined up with your cock. She did say she wanted rough sex so without warning, you spit on her puckered asshole and plunge your cock deep inside.

Rachel gasps in shock, “Oh my God!” You try to pull out a little bit but her asshole squeezes your cock making it difficult. You pull out a couple inches just so you can slam into her again. You place your left hand on her tit and your right hands fingers in her mouth. “Suck them you slut!” you order, all while relentlessly pounding her chute. She does what you ask.

You pull out both your fingers and cock and flip her over, slamming her stomach on the bed while her ass hangs over the edge. You use your fingers, glistening with her saliva, to enter her backdoor. “Please Ross!” she yells, “can you slow down a little baby?”

You grab Rachel’s hair and pull her head up to you. You grab her underwear off the floor and stuff it into her mouth saying, “You said you wanted it rough right? This should keep a slut like you quiet.” You push her head into the bed again for while, finger banging her asshole again. You then line up your cock and slam balls deep into her back entrance causing her to slam her hands on the bed. You pound and pound over and over again hearing the muffled screams coming from her mouth.

Rachel manages to spit the panties out of her mouth and starts yelling, “FUCK FUCK FUCK!” in time with your cock slamming her ass cheeks. “I’m… Ugh… Bout to… UGHHH IM CUMMING!!!” she screams.

You feel your girlfriend’s pussy spray her juice across your balls and thighs. You take in the moment by pulling out of her asshole and going deep in her pussy. You pull out again and look at your cock covered in her girl juice, then you plunge deep into her asshole again, this time with intent to cum.

Rachel senses you are close and screams, “ FUCKING DO IT, CUM FUCKING CUM BABE!” You pound three more times into her. “UH UH UGH” she pants, then you then unload string after string of cum inside her and pull out.

You spread both of Rachel’s ass cheeks and watch the cum flow out of her gaping hole. It oozes down over her pussy to her thighs. Admiring the view of your girl’s destroyed back entrance, you hear her crying into the bed sheets.

“Babe, you okay?” you ask hoping you didn’t over do it.

“Yes, thank you… thanks…” she replies, while sobbing in tears.