Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

You step back and watch as the next black guy steps up and starts fucking your girlfriend. Rachel seems to be cumming almost non-stop as she is fucked and creampied by black man after black man. You can’t believe your eyes, watching a huge amount of cum puddle under her and she’s only half way through the group of black men!

Finally, the last black man finishes inside your girlfriend, a thick stream of cum pouring from her gaping pussy. Rachel looks up at you lovingly, and says, “Oh my god Ross, that was unbelievable, I can’t believe I didn’t let you talk me into something like this sooner.”

You and your girlfriend go home, and it seems like the event is forgotten, until your she comes to you one morning about a month later.

She looks you in the eyes and kisses you, then whispers in your ear, “I’m pregnant.”

You look at her in shock, then your dick hardens. Your girlfriend, seeing this, pulls out your dick, and gives you an amazing blow job. You both fuck like rabbits for the next couple weeks, and things seem to be going well, despite her growing belly.

Rachel’s due date arrives, and after hours of labor, your doctor hands you your newborn baby — though as you look at his black skin, the phrase “your” might not be applicable. You kiss your girlfriend, and realize you still love her.

She looks at you and pulls you close and whispers in your ear

“Let’s do that again…..”