Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by thelounge...)

As if hearing your thoughts, your third favorite fuck-toy walks over to them. Rachel’s mother Ashley is wearing a white shirt with black sweats.

“Glad you’re here, slut,” You slap her ass with the last word. You nod at the man. “Forgot I promised I’d give her a good fucking today, mind helping out?”

“Who’s he?” Ashley asks.

You answer by pushing her head into his crotch. She tries keeping her mouth shut but you lean down and pull her lips open and around his dick.

The man hasn’t recovered from his last orgasm and you wonder if he is about to start crying.

It seems Ashley is starting to enjoy herself, the way her head is bobbing. You take a step back to admire her ass. You could take her pants off, but a rip in her sweats catches your attention. You stick two fingers through the rip and tear them apart. She continues sucking the man’s dick like nothing is happening.

You grab Ashley’s hips, letting your hands caress her before aggressively sticking your dick into her pussy. She screams into the man’s dick before adjusting.

Her hips clap loud as you ram into her over and over again. You get a glimpse of the man’s face in complete ecstasy between pounds. The deal is as good as made.

Having accomplished the main objective of this meeting, you decide to have a little fun before adjourning. You rip your dick out of Ashley’s pussy and stab it into her asshole. Ashley’s mouth pops off the man’s dick and she screams as you pound into her ass.

“Fuck my ass!” Ashley screams and you oblige. You move your hands off her waist and grab her tits — the nicest of the three girls. “Oh yes, keeping fucking me, Ross!”

Unfortunately that’s a request you can’t oblige. You pull your dick out, push Ashley down beside Rachel and Monica, and drench the three in the cum they love so much. They laugh and stick their tongues out like thirsty dogs as you rain down on them.

Once you’re done, you fall onto the couch and the girls begin licking the cum left on your dick.

“Whenever you’re ready,” you say, slowly letting out a calm breath. “Let’s figure out the logistics.”

The man, barely conscious, nods his agreement. “Whatever you want, sir.”