Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by JustAName...)

You fully support your girlfriend and help her get started. First, to be “certified,” she must complete a basic training with the department. It’s all really boring but all required. After a week, she has completed her training and received her certification. Now that the paperwork is out of the way, she begins with getting prepared for the assignment.

From the details provided, the prostitution ring is one that spans across several states throughout many underground networks and above ground strip clubs. There is a map highlighting where every single known one is. There is believed to be more.

The plan is to have Rachel get a job as a stripper in the nearest strip club. Once she sets up her persona amongst the club, she is then to try to coerce her way up through the ranks. Once she finds out as much information as there is to find, she will then have the department set up the sting operation to take down this particular club. Then, once they strike, the arrest everybody inside and haul them to jail one by one, sorting out the charges later. Your girlfriend will pretend to be arrested as well, then somewhere behind the scenes she will get released and begin setting up for another operation.

Now that all the information has been laid out, Rachel must prepare herself for the job. It will definitely involve sex work of some kind — there is no avoiding that. So, you and Rachel decide to put her on the pill. You accept the fact that she will have to do some sort of sex acts in her operation, and don’t want to take any risks. She will also attempt to require condoms in order to do anything with her, but since these are dirty scumbags running the prostitution ring, they likely won’t listen.

All of that squared away, and Rachel has together her first outfit — the one for the interview to get into the strip club — it’s time to decide a very important thing. Should she enter the prostitution ring wired or unwired? It’s a big decision to make. Technology sure has gotten better, so wires can be hidden just about anywhere. However, the last attempt to take this ring down was made by another young lady doing just what Rachel is doing, however her wire was discovered and she ultimately ended up murdered. Personally, you don’t want this happening to your girlfriend, so you try to convince her to go without a wire. She thinks that the technology has gone far enough to go with a wire. You both decide to give her time to think about the decision and that you both must agree on it. So… which will it be?