Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ML777...)

“I want to know if Autumn comes early or late,” you say.

Rachel giggles at the pun before happily agreeing to her. “Good choice. She’s in the cheer squad and I think she’s dating the quarterback. Although I hear he’s big on remaining pure so I think she’s a virgin as well. Wonder what they do on date nights…”

As you walk to the gym you grab Rachel’s ass and pull her closer to you. “If they don’t fuck like we do she’s in for a surprise, if we can convince her.”

“Don’t worry, babe, I know how good you are at bringing out someone’s lust. Otherwise I would still be the same pure virgin when you met me. Now I can only think about all the fun we have.”

Rachel grips your crotch and squeezes it before you reach the gym. Inside is the cheer squad and along with Autumn are Nikki and Alice in the cheer squad practicing a routine. They are all in their cheer uniforms, a white and pink outfit that flaps about showing off their legs while covering their crotches in a suggestive pink. The college mascot is a pink devil, which your girlfriend had a say in choosing.

You sit in the stands and watch them practice, Autumn being towards the bottom for support. When they finish with a big cheer everyone applauds and yells in approval, everyone being you, Rachel, the cheer coach and a few girls and guys watching their girlfriends. As they break up and clean up you step down with your girlfriend and approach Autumn, keeping a hand around Rachel.

“Hello, Autumn, right? I’m Ross, we talked in the hall briefly. I was wondering if we could talk more.”

Autumn finishes taking a large gulp of water from her bottle, wiping her mouth with a smile. After her enchanting blue eyes look you up and down she nods. “Of course, what did you want to talk about? Is it about my English grade Miss Rachel? Is this the tutor you recommended?”

She looks between you and Rachel expectantly, her shorter height leaving her looking up. With such blue eyes you can already imagine her staring up from much lower.

“I am a tutor of a kind, but this isn’t directly about your grade. I think you can improve it if you improve yourself first. Rachel tells me you’ve been distracted in class and worried about your boyfriend? You can talk to me about it, I promise to help and not tell.”

Autumn’s smile drops and she lets out a deep sigh, looking nervously, but assumes you’re here to help her with Rachel so close to you. “So you’re like a life coach? Well… To tell you the truth, I’m worried he doesn’t want me. We’ve been dating and I have loved it, but I think he only wants me with him for later… as a wife. We’ve barely kissed let alone anything else, and he’s spending more and more time with the rest of the football team I feel left out… I don’t think he loves me anymore…”

As she explains she hugs herself with one arm running down to her skirt, grabbing at the bottom and gripping it.

Rachel steps away from you and embraces Autumn. “There there, don’t worry, Autumn. We want to help you feel better. Ross here is perfect at helping girls with their problems. What do you want from the relationship?”

“I… I want more attention, to make him happy when he is with me. All he thinks about is football and grades. I want to have fun with him. Maybe even go all the way. He says he wants to wait till we’re married to go for more than a kiss. Does this make me a bad girlfriend?”

Autumn looks up to Rachel for approval but you pipe in, “Of course not, you just want to be happier and have some more fun in the relationship. If he isn’t providing that for you is he really making you happy? I think we should continue this discussion elsewhere. Rachel go help her change and bring her back.”

Rachel nods and walks with Autumn to the girls locker room. There Rachel sits and watches as Autumn changes, blissfully unaware of Rachel taking mental notes. Autumn changes out of the uniform, Rachel seeing her bright pink thong and sports bra, solidifying her favorite color. She changes into sneakers, thigh high socks, tight white hotpants, a black t-shirt and white hoodie that covers it all, leaving it a mystery.

Rachel was sure to send you a text on what she saw anyways, and so you knew when they were done as the approached you, Autumn with a skip in her step as she adjusts her glasses.

“Okay, where would you like to talk, mister?”