Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Yammin...)

You take in the view of your girlfriend, tied up, begging for your mercy. You know she needs to be punished after suggesting such an arrangement.

“Ross, please! Sorry if I made you upset, just untie me!” she cries, teary-eyed, giving you an innocent look.

“You can’t take back what you said babe!” you bark, you then get on top of her body so you are just an inch away from her tear-soaked face. “So this little slut wants to get fucked differently? Huh? I’ll give you just that!” You then give her a slap to the face, not too hard (you aren’t that heartless).

“Owwww! Babe I’m sorry!” Rachel cries, tears rolling down her reddened cheek. You move back and lift up her legs to get her in missionary. You let your right hand out underneath her chin.

“Spit!” She does as told. “More, slut!” She does it several more times, you then take her saliva and coat your cock with it. Your fingersm still glistening with her spit, enter her tight slit. Her body twitches at the feeling of four of your fingers inside her. You then start thrashing in and out of her cunt and her face and body language shows her enjoyment.

You pull your fingers out then slap her again “You like your punishment Rachel? A slut like you needs this type of stuff, huh?”

“Yes babe, I want this all the time!”

Your cock, still rock hard and covered in her saliva, rams into her little pussy. “Ohhhhh Fuck baby…” she moans. You pull out until your tip then ram back into her pussy. You’ve never fucked your girlfriend like this, never been this rough with her. You decide to keep it up and pick up the speed. You grab her hair with both hands and bring her in for a deep kiss, all while pounding her tight little pussy.

Rachel moans into your mouth, “Mmmmhhhmmm! MMMMHHHMMM!” You start swallowing her tongue into your mouth and fuck harder. You let go of her hair and her head falls back. She looks down at her pussy getting pounded by your rock hard piece, she then looks right back at you. Her eye contact says it all — she is on the verge of climax.