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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You instantly have a deep and intense disgust for what your girlfriend Rachel just did to you. She used you to get herself to a porno theater, then wandered off to find a black man to fuck her and shoot his sperm-filled cum deep inside herself.

You never would have imagined your girlfriend doing such a thing, but there she is, bouncing up and down on a black cock asking the man to inseminate her.

“Fuck you Rachel! Don’t come home!” you shout to the entire theater and stomp your way out, leaving your girlfriend of six years to her depraved fantasy… one that she lied to you about and forced you to witness. You decide you are definitely leaving the cheating bitch.

Meanwhile, as the strange black man with the big cock continues to fuck Rachel, she feels helpless to stop him partly because he has his strong, rough, and callused hands holding onto her small waist and hips, but also because her body is telling her she is really enjoying getting fucked by a real cock. As conflicting as it feels for her, a deep primal part of her strongly wants him to cum inside her again. She could probably just stand up and walk away, but for some reason she doesn’t and lets him continue enjoying her vulnerable pussy. That’s when she hears you cursing her.

“Oh my god! Please stop fucking me. That was my boyfriend. I need to catch up to him and explain it was a big misunderstanding…” Rachel pleads with the black stranger who still has his very large black cock deep inside her.

“Don’t move bitch! You’ll have plenty of time to explain to your small-dicked white boy how you got fucked proper by a real man after I’m done using your pussy!”

“Please, please… let me go to him!” But Rachel isn’t really trying to get off the black stranger’s very large cock that is still as hard as an iron rod inside her cum soaked pussy. And neither is the black stranger trying to keep her on him. He has his hands on the armrests of the seat waiting for the crazy white woman to make her move, which she does not.

So the stranger pushes his luck a bit. “Keep yo pristine white pussy planted on my big cock little white girl! I wanna shoot more of my cum deep deep inside your tight white body!”

“Oh my god, you don’t know what your cock feels like inside me. But this is so wrong!” Rachel replies to the black stranger who has started to pump his large cock into her again. Rachel, for her part, makes no move to stop him and instead rocks back and forth gently on his cock as he pumps into her, increasing the stimulation for herself.

“Your man just kicked your white ass out, didn’t he? Didn’t he? So you got nowhere to go, no man to fuck, ‘cept me! So keep rocking that pussy on my big cock, bitch!”

Rachel covers her face with her hands as she rocks her cum-soaked pussy back and forth on the abusive black man’s very large and pleasurable cock, subconsciously trying hard to squeeze out a second load of his sperm-filled cum.