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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Please stop fucking me.”Rachel vocalizes, as her hips rock back and forth across the black man’s large thick, black cock.

“Nobody stopping you from leaving’ bitch!” He is actually just sitting there enjoying the ride while she is doing all the work to ride his cock.

“Damn, girl! Your pussy is magical! I can feel it massaging my cock, trying to suck it inside your pussy and keep it there!”

“Please. I’ve only ever been with one man my whole life,” Rachel pleads as she continues to fuck the man’s cock.

“Go back to your pussy boyfriend, right after I shoot another load of my babymakers deep inside your body!”

The black man grunts loudly for the entire theater to hear. “Nnggggghhhhh! I’m cumming inside your white pussy! Shooting my black cum deep inside yo white cunt! Again!”

“Aahhhhh!” Rachel shouts as she feels the man blow his second load of black cum deep inside her body. She can feel the muscles of her pussy massaging the strange black man’s cock as he cums into her, milking him for his black seed and she has a very strong orgasm. Rachel feels so good she presses her ass down as hard as she can so she can feel his orgasm inside her. Rachel can also feel the muscles of her birth canal rippling up and down the long thick shaft as the entrance to her womb spasms in eager anticipation of pumping the sperm-filled semen as deep into the womb as possible.

She knows she shouldn’t. She doesn’t want his cum inside her, but she is feeling so confused because despite what her brain is trying to convince her about what’s happening to her right now in a porn theater with a strange black man who fucked her twice and filled her fertile body with his black seed twice within ten minutes, her body is telling her the black man’s cum shooting deep inside her feels good and she should feel lucky to have gotten two loads tonight.