Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“This is so bad,” says Rachel as her knees bend and she lowers her cum-soaked pussy to John’s expectant cock. At that moment a dollop of cum drips out of her and lands on the head of his cock.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” says Rachel as her pussy lips make contact with John’s cockhead. He reaches down and holds it in position to make it easier for her to slide down on his thick pole.

“Oh John! Your cock is so big! It’s stretching me so much!” says Rachel as the head of his cock and a couple inches of his shaft enter her.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” says Rachel as her tightly-stretched pussy gobbles up his long thick cock. He’s a millimeter shy of ten inches and two inches thick. He’s quite amazed Rachel can take so much, as inch after inch disappears inside her slick tight tunnel, but it’s a complete surprise when he feels her wispy pubic hairs tickling his skin and he realizes his entire cock is inside her body.

“Mmmmmmhhhhh!” Rachel lets out a moan as she has an orgasm on John’s cock. Her pussy muscles are incredibly strong like nothing he’s ever felt before and it’s almost painful how strong she can squeeze his shaft. It feels like he just placed his cock in an industrial vice grip and tightened it.

When Rachel recovers from her orgasm she says, “Oh John, your cock is touching me in ways I’ve never dreamed possible… how is this possible?”

“I don’t know Rachel, but no woman has ever taken my entire cock before and made it feel the way yours does. Your pussy is magical… ”

“This changes everything, John!” Rachel says and starts to rock back and forth. Each time she rocks his cockhead is punched by her cervix sending little electric jolts of pleasure down his shaft to his balls, which twitch involuntarily.

Rachel feels her cervix being battered by John’s cockhead and each time she rocks, a jolt of electricity travels through her womb to her ovaries, then back down and across to her anus, making her pussy and asshole twitch and squeeze harder than she ever thought she could. It almost feels like she’s having a painful/pleasurable muscle spasm.. a sex Charlie horse… each time she spasms she lets out an involuntary groan, grunt, or squeal from her throat.

“Aahh! uuggh… eeekkk! mmmmhhhhh…”

Rachel leans down and starts kissing her boss, slobbering all over his face as she desperately tries to lick and kiss his entire face. He reaches around to stick three fingers into her twitching asshole and is rewarded with a loud and smelly fart.

“Uuuuugggghhhh.” Rachel moans as he continues to push your fingers into her asshole. He curls three fingers and pulls up so her asshole is pulled open and she lets out another long fart. John rocks his fingers up and down, side to side and in a circular motion for about a minute as hs cock pumps in and out of her pussy.

Rachel grunts in a primal way, “Nnnnggggghhhhhahhhhhhhh!” and John feels a hot spray of musky liquid bathing the area right above the base of his shaft with an incredible amount of volume. Rachel sprays so much juice on him that it is dripping down around his balls, which are pulled up in readiness to do their job of procreation. Any minute now John knows he’s gonna blow his nuts. Rachel has a constant moaning and her body is shaking and trembling uncontrollably. He continues to finger fuck her asshole, which is easier because of her juices. John can smell the strong musk filling his nostrils and it incenses him to fuck his cock in and out of his employee’s pussy harder than he’s ever fucked anyone before.

Rachel suddenly orgasms on his cock, throwing her head back and screaming his name, “John!”

Her strong pussy muscles grip his shaft with such force he feels he might pass out. Her pussy muscles ripple from the base of his cock to the tip every few seconds, like waves upon the shore. Unrelentingly her pussy works to pull the cum from his very stimulated balls until he grunts and shoots into her pussy, jet after jet of sperm-filled cum, whitewashing the inside of her pussy and the entrance to her womb.

Rachel has another orgasm when she feels her boss’s cum shooting deep inside her. “Aaaahhhhhhhhh! I can feel your cum inside me!”

When John is done cumming, he lazily fucks her cum-soaked pussy while she catches her breath and her body winds down with small shudders and shakes.

When her wits return to her, Rachel speaks. “John, your cock feels so right inside me, and when you came, your cum was so hot and filled me so much. I can feel it sloshing around inside me when your cock moves in and out. Can you do that again? Fill me with more of your cum? Please? I would do anything for you if you kept my body constantly filled with your amazing cock and cum.”