Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ML777...)

You decide to ask more about the history teacher Anna. Rachel elaborates that she is an odd one and full of rumors among the students and the staff. She cosplays at home, she does adult streams online, she sucked off three students in one class while playing a video for the lesson and more.

Each rumor your girlfriend tells you gets your johnson aching to test them out. As college classes for the day are over, you walk straight into Anna’s classroom. Standing at the front in her short knee high boots which contrast with her tight skirt and button up, Anna is gathering up her material at the front when she sees you two. Her lips curl into a smile.

“Hello again you two. Did you forget something again Mister Ross, or were you looking around at the women’s volleyball trophies? You aren’t the first man to come in here looking at our girls’ campus like a buffet table, you know.”

She finishes putting her papers away and zips up her bag, slipping it over her shoulder casually before walking up to you two. Her eyes look the two of you over in more detail, getting both of you excited for the potential.

“You’re not leaving so soon, Anna, I was hoping to get to know you better since you stopped me in the hallway. It was a little inconvenient to me, so I think the least you can do is properly apologize and introduce yourself.”

As you say this your eyes can’t help but look down. You could swear she has a couple more buttons undone at the top than earlier today. Anna contemplates for a bit, shifting her hips side to side while adding in ‘hmm’s.

“I suppose it is the right thing to do. Is there any way I can make it up to you for interrupting your search for beautiful girls?” she says seductively, running a hand up your leg to your crotch and rubbing it.

“I think you have an idea of how to properly apologize. Kneel down and start.” Anna’s smirk grows even more before nodding, setting her bag on a nearby desk before getting down to her knees. With her height she leans down a bit to unzip your stressed pants, and pulling them away reveals your rock-hard cock in front of her.

“Fuck me, you’re big!” she gasps. She rubs the tip covered in precum and grips it to begin a handjob. “I bet your girlfriend has told you the rumors around me. Most are true, I dress up and stream myself, and I didn’t suck of a couple of boys but a few girls gave me their mouth to use in place of an exam. They still took it afterwards in reverse.”

As Anna begins to kiss your tip, flicking her tongue teasingly across it, Rachel shifts her hand down into her jeans, rubbing as she watches intensely. Her free hand has her phone which she is recording with. Anna continues running her mouth over your cock as her hands tickle your balls, before going down to her shirt and unbuttoning it more, revealing she indeed has no bra, and better yet she has ring piercings through her nipples. How did you miss those?

Rachel has followed through, unbuttoning her shirt with her hand and pulling her bra up to tweak her own nipples. You propose an idea. “Fuck it, Anna you would make a great pornstar. Why don’t you be our personal fuck friend for video? We could use some more jack-off material.”

She stops sucking, slurping your cock all the way to the tip before pulling her mouth off. She slips her hand around your raging cock while her other hand fingers your balls. “I told you, I already do streams. I could let you record our sessions and send you some of my private videos. I can be veeeeeeeery nasty if I want to be. You should see my playroom at home.”

With Rachel’s jeans becoming wet with anticipation and her phone recording while you get sucked off by a sexy streamer, what is the next step in this diabolical threeway relationship? Should she finish her apology, should you take her for more? What about the playroom she is speaking of? Is it a trap or a fantasy beckoning you? What if someone else comes in right now?