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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Yammin...)

You thrust harder and harder, rushing to see her get off, but then an idea runs through your head. You pull out your cock, covered in her juices, lift up her bottom and stick your pole in her tight back entrance.

Rachel’s mouth forms a O shape and your fingers swiftly move down to her pussy. “Fuck! I can’t believe you’re in my ass! Fuck babe!”

Rachel’s pussy doesn’t compare to the tightness of her asshole — you feel as if your cock is choking in the delicious tightness.

“Shit I’m gonna cum! Fuck Ross!” she screams. Her pussy sprays all over. Her cum then drips down to where you are penetrating. This lubes up your cock, giving you an urge to fuck harder and faster.

“I’m getting close Rachel,” you say. “Where’s my little whore want it? Huh?”

She responds by showing you her open mouth, sticking out her tongue. That pushes you over the edge, you thrust, balls deep, three more times into her backdoor then withdraw your cock. You swiftly untie her hands and lie on your back. She gets on top of your legs and takes your exhausted cock fresh from her ass into her mouth.

Rachel sucks and gags herself with your cock. You then grab her hair and pull her head down, all the way. She looks straight into your eyes, in need of air. You watch as she tries to breathe but ends up spitting all over your pole. You let her go and she breathes deep, tears flowing down her face meeting the sloppy mess she made with her saliva.

“Fucking give it to me Ross! Make me your little cumslut. I’m your own personal fuckdoll baby! Cum, fucking cum baby!” She sticks out her tongue right on the tip of your member.

You start to jerk, using her sloppy mess as the lubricant. You explode all over her. The first string blasts right into her mouth and across her tongue, the rest across her cute little face. Before you finish shooting she places the tip between her lips and sucks the rest out of you. You nearly black out from the feeling as she continues to suck, hoping to receive more.

Rachel pops out your cock from her mouth and uses it as a paintbrush to smear everything across her face. “Thanks for the punishment babe,” she chirps, clearly satisfied.

The End