Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Emma...)

You try to come up with something to say, but you’re too shocked for any normal reaction. Only meaningless syllables passes your confused lips as you watch your step-sister’s big breasts suspended in the air in front of you. Part of you wants to reach out and grab them and part of you wants to turn away and run, but you can’t. All you can do is stand there and stare like a complete dumbfounded idiot with your mouth wide open. “D-d-d-duh, does… I mean… Amy? Wha…?”

“Oh come now Ross,” says Rachel as she folds one hand over Amy’s breast and pinches her nipple. “Don’t make both your girlfriend and your sister disappointed today. I know how badly you want to squeeze her boobs, it’s written all over your face!”

You blink and swallow hard as Rachel puts her lips to Amy’s nipple and bites it softly.

“Here,” she says, taking your hand and leading you towards Amy like dragging a little child to the doctor. “It’s all right honey, Amy and I have been planning this ever since she told me about the two of you fooling around in high school.”

“But it’s…” your feeble attempts to protest fades away as Rachel takes your hand and place it on Amy’s soft boob, and when you give it a little squeeze you remember how soft and lovely they are, and all of a sudden you realize how much you’ve missed this. “…wrong?”

“Oh, come on Ross!” says Rachel, and you’re too perplexed to notice that she kneels down and start unbuttoning your fly. “She has already told you that she wants you to fuck her, and you obviously want to fuck her too. You’re as hard as I’ve ever seen you.” She opens your fly and pulls your cock out. “Oh my! I think I’ll want a taste of this first.”

As Rachel starts sucking your cock you look into Amy’s eyes to try to see if there is a trace of doubt in her face — maybe Rachel is forcing her somehow — but all you see is that old familiar mischievous lust burning in her eyes.

“Amy? Are you sure about this?” you say, hardly even noticing your girlfriend giving you a blowjob. Amy responds by just blinking her eyes very slowly and nodding her head twice.

“It was actually her idea,” says Rachel, popping your dick out of her mouth. “Amy suggested I should start dating you so that I could convince you to have sex with her again.”

Then, holding your penis in her hand, your girlfriend pushes you softly in the back. Rachel carefully slides the head of your penis in between Amy’s legs and into her vagina. As you feel the tip of your penis sliding deeper into Amy’s pussy you see the expression of sheer joy shoot over her face.

There’s a short moment of anxiety and shame when you think to yourself that you promised yourself never to do this again. But just one look at Amy’s face makes you forget everything.

“Oh my god Amy!” you say, pulling her hard towards you and thrusting yourself deep inside of her. “I’ve missed you so much!”