Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ML777...)

Leticia simple nods as she licks her lips. “I wanted Miss Rachel to take me and punish me for all I did to act out but she never did, she only wanted to fuck. I thought I could try being on top only once but she didn’t let me.

You pull aside the leopard print cloth and rub your cock along her drenched pussy. She holds back a moan as she feels you, before lifting her head up to Rachel’s pussy, running a tongue over it to bring down her favorite pussy.

Deciding to show who is in the lead here, you push your cock inside of Leticia’s tight pussy, and begin to slam your hips against her as you thrust inside her. Rachel lays down completely on Leticia and licks over her clit while her hands reach around and toy with her ass.

You feel her tightening quick, and squeezing you so you decide to lift up Rachel’s ass. “You’re going to obey my rules from now on Leticia. And that includes being fucked how I want to fuck you.”

You pull out of her pussy and your girlfriend spreads Leticia’s ass. Drenched in her juice you thrust inside and she screams out a “fuuuuuuck!” shaking her hips. You pour your stuff inside her ass and she arches her back, letting out a loud moan.

As you pull out your cock, Rachel takes to cleaning it before you motion for her to stand up and put on the strap-on. She obediently does so, and you pull Leticia’s legs before she can collect her mind, pulling her down to all-fours where you take her afro into your hands, and shove your cock into her.

The sounds of her glug-glug-glugging on your cock fills the room as you face-fuck her. Rachel gets onto her knees, and thrusts inside Leticia’s pussy from behind, spit-roasting her. You two go back and force with your timing, even kissing one another at times while you are deep into both sides, gagging her. More spankings are applied with accompanied moans.

By the time you feel spent, the girls are both dead tired, panting, covered in pussy juice and semen, and with Leticia’s clothing torn off in the heat. As a last joke, Rachel has written your name onto Leticia’s pussy with a sharpie before licking up what she could from the pussy and then Leticia’s mouth.

Being this late you should all go home, but should you help Leticia, bring her home or ultimately leave her here to herself in a last bit of punishment? Either way you’ve got her phone number and she has yours, so you can contact each other afterwards.