Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Rachel returns from rehearsal even more disheveled than the night before. She’s wearing a tiny tank and short shorts, and you can see she is covered in cum, most of it dried, but some of it was still wet looking. Her hair is a complete mess, matted against her face, and a glob of thick white liquid, presumably cum, is attached to one corner of her mouth. I’m fact, as she comes closer, you can see strips of dried and mostly-dried cum all over her body.

Rachel comes and sits next to you on the couch. And that’s what the smell hits your nostrils. The smell of her pussy’s heavy musk is very powerful, but it is mixed with the smell of cum.

“Woah Rachel, you’re a mess!”

“I know, Ross. There’s a lot I need to tell you about today. Let me just sit here for a moment before I begin.”

You wait patiently, your insides twisted in agonized and anxious anticipation about what you’re about to hear.

“Ross, today was a total free-for-all. Mark decided to add four more sex scenes to the line up, which would bring the total number of sex scenes to ten. When I asked about the added lines we needed to learn, he said there would only be a couple more lines before each new scene before we get right down to the sex. And Mark said he decided that the sex scenes would be different each time because he didn’t want to structure them, for more realizm. It made sense the way he said it, and he said because the sex was different each show, people would come back and get a slightly different version.”

“Is that why you look so worked over?”

“Yes and no. Mark decided to bring in a new guy for the other scenes, and it was my boss, John!”

“What? How did John get recruited for this?”

“I didn’t know, but Mark and John are college buddies or something and they’ve acted together before, is what Mark said.”

“Won’t that be awkward at work?”

“I think so, but Mark didn’t give me a choice and John said he’d give me back the vacation days I used to attend double sessions so it sounded like a pretty good deal.”

“Well, what was John like?”

“That’s mostly the reason why I’m such a mess today. John’s cock was gigantic like Mark’s. I think it might have been a bit thicker and maybe like an inch longer. And he came even more cum than Mark. His cum is all in my hair on my head and all over my bush right now. It’s unimaginable Ross. His cock cums like a geyser! And it was all so unexpected because John is Asian, I thought he’d be more normal in size.”

“Well, I guess that dispels that myth about Asian shlongs. So which scenes was he in?”

“All of the new ones, and each scene is like twenty minutes. His cock is so hard, so much harder than Mark’s, and the heat! His cock was like an inferno. I almost couldn’t stand it at first. And oh my god, Mark fucking me yesterday was more normal speed, but John was like a jackrabbit! He fucked me with such fast strokes the entire time. And he would use his entire length!”

“Hope you get used to his giant Asian cock soon. But I’m glad he only came on your body and not in you.”

“Ross, about that…”


“He didn’t actually cum inside me, but we might have gotten some of his cum inside me…”


Rachel clears her throat before continuing, “Well, remember I told you he fucks really fast?”


“Well, he also cums a lot…”

“Yeah, you already said that, so…”

“I’m sorry I didn’t say it right. He shoots out a massive volume of cum, and he cums multiple times. That’s what I meant when I said he cums a lot. In each of the sex scenes, he cums at least, at least three times. In one, he actually came six times. My entire lower abdomen, pussy, and upper legs were literally covered in his thick, white, sticky, sperm filled cum.”

“So how did his cum get inside your pussy? (Again, you’re not the brightest tool in the shed.)

“Ross, John would cum and shoot his massive load all over my belly, bush, and pussy, then stick it back in and keep fucking me. Then he would pull out, shoot his cum at my pussy, then push in and fuck me again. He did that more than twenty times today, and I could see his cum frothing around his shaft as he pumped in and out of me. John would periodically pull out, coat his cock in the cum on my belly, bush or in my crotch, then shove back inside me. He’d fuck me for ten to twenty seconds then repeat. I’m sure there’s a massive amount of his cum inside my pussy right now.”

“Rachel! You’re not on birth control and you can’t take anything either!”

“I know, but it’s my boss John. I don’t think I can tell him to stop.”

“Why not Rachel? Do you want to have his baby?”

“Well, they say mixed Asian babies are beautiful…”

You stare at your girlfriend in disbelief.

Seeing the look on your face Rachel quickly says, “Ross, I’m sure it’ll be okay. Sperm die quickly when not inside the body. I read they can die as quickly as a couple minutes after shooting out of the body. (What she doesn’t know is that if the semen doesn’t dry up, sperm can live thirty minutes or more outside the body. So if John had been using his recently ejaculated and still warm sperm-filled cum as lube for his cock before pumping it in and out of her fertile pussy, it would almost be the same as John cumming directly inside her.)

“Well that’s a relief, Rachel. I’m glad you looked that up. Hope he is more careful tomorrow though.” (Does it need to be reiterated that you are not the smartest tool in the shed?)

“We will have to see, Ross. We will see,” Rachel says as she drifts off to sleep on the couch. Within a minute she’s in deep sleep. You don’t have the heart to wake her as you know the sex marathon she had today must have exhausted her tight little athletic body. You put a blanket on top of her and watch reruns on cable until you fall asleep next to her.

You both wake in the middle of the night and saunter off to bed.

Your dreams about Rachel being raped by monsters are even more intense but you don’t wake and have to endure the agony inside your brain. When you wake, it’s late and there’s a note on your side table from Rachel. “Love you babe, wish me luck today. Hopefully John won’t break my little pussy, hahaha!”