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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dbone...)

You’ve come this far so you see no reason to stop now. You suggest to Rachel’s dad that you should really get this party started.

“Great idea Ross,” he grins. “Let’s get the window open. I need to get at my little girl’s cunt.”

You pull the window open and Rachel’s dad hauls her inside. He dumps her on the bed and mounts her, plunging his hard cock deep into her well-fucked pussy.

“Fuck my little slut hole daddy,” Rachel moans as her daddy pounds away.

It only takes a moment for his friends to join in too. They manoeuvre her so that one can slide into her ass as another pushes his dick into her mouth. You watch with satisfaction as they triple team your helpless girlfriend.

Initially, the crowd outside protests this development until you make it clear they are all welcome inside. They stream through the window and door. You know that Rachel is in for a long night now. Your home is filled with guys, too many to count, all stroking their cocks and waiting for their turn to fuck her. As soon as her daddy cums deep inside her another cock is rammed up her cunt. She gasps and moans at the rough treatment. Hands come from all directions to pinch and slap her tits and ass. One guy holds her hair as he piston-fucks her throat.

You notice a lot of the men are filming her, including her dad. One stranger is getting close ups of her ass and pussy getting rammed while another documents her brutal face-fucking. You look back to your phone and you see that these videos are all being posted online. There are already thousands of views. It appears to be going viral. It looks like your girlfriend is going to be famous.

You point this out to Rachel’s dad. “Well Ross,” he laughs. “She’s always wanted to be famous.”

The gangbang continues long into the night. More and more strange men show up and take their turn with your girlfriend. Rachel is covered in cum and it drips from her thoroughly-fucked holes. You notice two of your neighbors arguing over who should be next to pump her ass as they grope her breasts. A bunch of your friends turn up at one point and use and abuse her however they want. Your best mate fucks her ass mercilessly while spanking her so hard she yelps around the dick she’s sucking. You notice her workmates there too. It seems everyone has heard about this party. People keep filming and taking pictures. Rachel is becoming the town slut.

Eventually the party dies down as morning comes. You have no idea how many times your girlfriend has been banged but it must be well over the two hundred. The highlight of the night may have been you fucking her cunt and her dad pumping her ass while she tried to suck two other dicks at once.

By the end Rachel is exhausted. She is asleep as the last few men cum on her face and in her holes. A few more pictures are taken of her cum-covered body and your girlfriend is finally left to sleep.