Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by gigglinggirl...)

Rachel reclines on the bed before sighing happily. “That was great.”

She smiles as a rumbling sensation spreads through your stomach. Rachel giggles. “Come on baby, let me make you feel better!” She beckons you over so you’re squatting on her chest. She giggles and slips a finger into your rectum.

“Ooh, you’re constipated. You need some help stimulating all that mess,” she says./

“Rachel… that… feels so weird…” you mumble as the inside of your asshole tingles at her touch.

“It’s okay baby, I can feel it,” she says as her long finger prods at the head of a large turd inside you. She then wiggles her finger and moans.

“I’m fingering out all your shit, you don’t need to worry. Just relax and let it alllll out.” She smiles as your bowels uncontrollably spasm and you release a loud, smelly fart onto her face. It felt so good for you to do so, your cock immediately becomes hard.

“It’s working!” she giggles. “Baby that fart was soooo good. You have any more?” She notices your hard cock. “Awwww! Did that feel good? Farting is so amazing, the way it bursts out and makes you feel like you’re floating!” she says as you uncontrollably fart again.


“Ooh baby! That one was wet! We’re getting somewhere.”

“Rachel… if you keep going I’m gonna shit on you.”

“That’s the idea!” She giggles and shoves her finger in as deep as possible, causing your stuck turd to shift and causing immense pleasure.


An amazing fart rips out followed by the sensation of a huge turd travelling down your asshole.

“Rachel! It feels so good! Like I’m being fucked from the inside out!” You drool as the turd emerges, plopping onto Rachel’s chest and curling around her tits.

“Mmm yes baby! So warm!” She grins as more farts erupt from her own hole. “I love being little shit pigs!” She giggles before she smiles and sits up, bending over with your perfect turd in hand. “I have a perfect place for this.” Her asshole lets out a cute little fart just for you as she shoves your log into her own farting asshole.

“Oh yes! It’s so big! It’s going in deep!” she says as she farts, uncontrollably drooling as she fists your own shit into her asshole.

“Thank you for this gift, Ross!” she giggles.