Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Eppient...)

“I want to roleplay being strangers at a hotel,” Rachel says, nervously. “I love you Ross, you know that, but I just want a bit of excitement. Just being a woman who meets a man and one thing leads to another.” She smiles at you. “I want to pretend to be on a business trip and meet you in the hotel bar, I want you to seduce me, take me up to your room and fuck! Don’t get me wrong, I love you, but this isn’t about love, it’s about sex, lust and fucking.”

You smile at your beautiful girlfriend. “Of course darling, that sounds really hot. I’ll get my mom to watch the kids on Saturday night and we can go into town if you want?”

Rachel smiles at you. “You take the train I’m taking the car and if you are lucky I’ll give you a lift back in the morning. Can we stay at The Grange, it’s got a really nice bar as well, according to Monica.”

A five-star hotel is going to cost you but you know she’s worth it. It’s not like you get out a lot so agree to it readily.

Saturday comes around oh so slowly. You finally get back in the car from dropping the kids off and enter the house. Rachel is waiting for you, the little black dress is beautiful, the workouts she’s been doing really show in the dress. You realize rather guiltily that you hadn’t taken much notice, but you do now. “Wow, you look stunning,” you say to her.

Rachel blushes slightly and kisses you gently. “I even put these on,” she says, slowly pulling up her dress to reveal she is wearing stockings. As you go to touch her legs her hand stops you and she pulls you close, “I have also shaved and I’m not wearing any knickers. See you at eight.”

Before you can respond she giggles and pushes past you and slides into the car. You have about thirty minutes to get ready before you have to get to the station, about a ten minute walk away. All in all, an hour from the hotel. As you wash and try and ignore your hard-on you can’t help thinking about your girlfriend.

As you get out of the shower your mobile is ringing. “Hi honey, it’s just me. They won’t let me check since you got a deal on the price they need your card to verify it so I will head straight to the bar. See you soon.”

You rush to the train station and you arrive with five minutes to spare, but you needn’t have bothered, the train is 35 minutes delayed. You phone your girlfriend. She’s fine, just sitting at the bar, onto her second drink, “I can’t wait to meet a handsome stranger to take me up to their room,” she giggles. You promise to be there soon.

As you finally board the train your phone bleeps. “I am so horny, I need a cock to suck.”

You groan in anticipation as the train slowly leaves the station.