Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dbone...)

Over the next few days you find out Rachel really has become famous. You are out at the local cafe having lunch with her. She is sitting across from you eating when a couple of guys recognise her from her videos.

“That’s her,” one says.

“Are you sure?” the other replies. “I can’t tell without the cum on her face.”

“Definitely. Watch this.”

Without another word this guy walks over to Rachel, pulls out his cock and stuffs it in her mouth in the middle of the busy cafe. Rachel makes no effort to stop him and when the other guy sees that you don’t object he approaches too. He starts groping and stripping your girlfriend right there in front of you while she sucks and slurps his friend’s dick. Soon they have her naked and are spit roasting her over the table. Her tits bounce as the two strangers ram her from each end. Initially the other customers are shocked but a lot of them recognise her too and soon they are crowding around waiting for their turn. You watch as she gets gang banged again in broad daylight by total strangers.

This happens again when you go to the local supermarket the next day. Rachel ends up getting stripped and ravaged in the frozen food section. It even starts to happen in the street. Pretty soon you get used to both men and women randomly approaching you and using your slut girlfriend like she is public property. Groping her tits without permission, fingering her, fucking her holes.

Eventually Rachel stops bothering to wear clothes at all. She just walks around completely naked, letting anyone use her however they want. Her dad and his friends visit regularly and fuck her cunt and ass hard. They often borrow her for a few days at a time. Your friends strip her when they see her, spread her cunt and ram her hard. Rachel’s life is now entirely about fucking. Your girlfriend truly is the town slut.

You still fuck her sometimes too.

The End