Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Prince...)

You use both of your hands to grab the back of Rachel’s head. You bob her head back and forth rushing to get yourself off. The sloppy wet noise coming from your girlfriend’s mouth fills the room. “Gak Gak Gak!”

You force Rachel’s face against your pelvis as you erupt like never before (probably because she maintains eye contact while you do it.) You look straight into her teary eyes as you unload string after string of hot cum into her throat. The load is so big some of it spits out of the sides of her mouth and compliments the sloppy mess she made on your cock and her chin.

You don’t her go yet, instead you admire the view. Tears are rolling down her cheeks and her saliva is everywhere. The look she gives you lets you know she’s begging for air. You let go of her and she pants heavily.

“Open your mouth slut! Show me!”

“Yes… Master…” she sniffles, opening her mouth, still rich with what didn’t go down her throat yet.

“Swallow!” you demand.

“Yes Master…” sniffs Rachel. She closes her mouth for a second then opens again, now clear of your sticky load. She is still recovering, so you give her a kiss on her forehead and say, “Thanks babe, that was a good idea!”

Your girlfriend looks back at you, but doesn’t say a word, instead she sobs quietly. You don’t think much of it and lie on the bed and go to sleep.