Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

“It does turn me on, I don’t know why but I was hard as a rock watching you with him in the bar, plus there was how he stared at your ass as we left.”

Your girlfriend stares at you for a long moment, then asks, “Do you want me to fuck him?”

You hesitate, unsure if you really want this.

“Do you want another man to fuck me? Yes or no?” Rachel asks, before giving your dick a long slow suck.

You can’t help it — her blow jobs have always driven you crazy. It’s how she has always managed to get you to agree to something, like repainting the bathroom. Twice.

“Yes, it would have been so hot if you had brought him up here while I waited in the bar,” you tell her.

She gives your cock another long slow suck, the head of your cock making a loud pop as she comes back up. “I might not want to stop you know, once I fuck another man.” Another long slow suck. “Once I let a stranger’s cock in my pussy, who knows if I’ll be able to stop myself, or what I’ll let him do. Are you really sure you’re willing to take that chance?”

She finishes and then deep throats your whole cock, with unbelievable suction.