Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

“God help me, yes Rachel, I want it. I want to see you give in to another man and let him fuck you!” you tell her, and promptly blow your load deep down her throat.

“Well, Ross, you sure seem to like this idea a lot,” she says smiling and wiping the small amount of your cum that escaped her mouth off of her chin. “Here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to go downstairs and wait in the bar. I’m going to call Brian and after he’s here I’m going to call you and leave the phone on speaker next to the bed, that way you can hear everything he’s doing to your girlfriend.”

“Wait a minute, how are you going to call him? You already have his number?” you ask, stunned at the implied revelation.

“Oh, I wasn’t sure if you had really set me up with a hot stranger or not, so when he asked me I gave him my number, and he texted me his right away. Looks like it was a good thing I let him have my number.”

Rachel gives you a sultry look, then calls Brian. “Brian? It’s Rachel. Yes, my boyfriend let a work thing take priority over his girlfriend, even though she had bought new lingerie just for him tonight. I can’t believe it either!” she tells him, pulling out the sexiest lingerie you’ve ever seen and changing into it in front of you while she is still on the phone. “Oh, of course you can see it if you’d like. Maybe you can take pictures of me wearing it and show him just what he’s missing out on? Yes, you can keep the photos too, how ungrateful would I have to be to tell you no after you’re offering to be so helpful? Oh? I suppose you could give me a couple more drinks too, it has been a stressful week after all. You’re so thoughtful, I don’t know how I’ll be able to repay you for this. Yes, I’m up in room 1013, I’ll leave the door open for you.”

Even though you just came, your cock gets hard just listening to your girlfriend talking like this to another man. Not to mention her lingerie, the top, which is very see-through, barely covers her nipples while pushing her large shapely breasts up and together for maximum cleavage, while the bottoms are a minimal g-string, and seems to almost emphasize her freshly shaved pussy rather than cover anything.

Rachel walks over to you and grabs your cock. “Wow, it seems someone is enjoying this.”

“Oh my god, Rachel, when did you get that lingerie? That’s the sexiest set you’ve ever bought!”

“I bought it right after we decided to meet at the hotel. I thought a ”stranger“ would like taking it off me, although I never thought it would be an actual stranger that takes it off me.”

Rachel gently pushes you out of the door, propping it open and turning away. As you start to walk away she bends over slowly, giving you an amazing view of her rounded and firm ass, and you swear her pussy looks wet already. As you ride the glass elevator down to the lobby, you can see Brian walking to the elevator, and you pass by each other as you leave and he enters. You see him smirk just a little, but what concerns you is the bulge running down his pants leg. You only saw it out of the corner of your eye, but it had to run down almost halfway to his knee!

Now that you’ve seen that (and to honest now that you’re not getting a fantastic blowjob that left your mind muddled under normal circumstances) you start to worry if this is really a good idea. What if Rachel really does like it, and wants to keep fucking men with huge cocks? Your mind is racing at the thought, but your cock is as hard as ever, so you head to the bar, ordering a double of your usual. Add you sit at a table your phone rings, and you see it’s your girlfriend. You quickly put a pair of Bluetooth headphones and answer the call.

“Here we go, Ross, you mute your end, and I’ll leave the phone face down on the nightstand on speaker. Are you ready?” she asks, and she actually sounds a little nervous, making your feel a little better about how easily she seemed to be going along with this. You’re much more confident that she didn’t plan this whole thing ahead of time after hearing how she sounded now that this fantasy is about to become a reality.

You hear the phone being set down, and a moment later you can hear the door open.