Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

A few minutes later the phone call ends suddenly and silently, and you start getting message notifications on your Whatsapp from a new number. When you look at the pictures you see your girlfriend in the various slutty modeling poses, which brings your cock back to life, and the short clips of Brian holding and fondling Rachel’s breasts and fingering her pussy have you touching yourself.

The clip showing Rachel grinding her hips while sliding her pussy lips over another man’s cock has you jerking off quickly, barely able to believe how wide his cock is. Your girlfriend was right, it really is almost the width of the old 30 ounce monster cans, and the clip where Brian starts to penetrate her with his enormous cock threatens to push you over the edge to the biggest orgasm of your life. It’s unbelievable watching your girlfriend’s pussy stretch to accommodate his cock. You open and start watching the video of this massive, probably 18-inch cock slowly enter and fill Rachel’s pussy. You can’t believe your eyes as he starts fucking her, you can see a bulge distending her stomach with each bottomed-out thrust. You start jerking off furiously when your girlfriend has her constant orgasm, and you almost lose it when she squirts, blasting female ejaculate over Brian’s cock and the bed.

But where you finally blow your load? When he cums inside your girlfriend balls-deep, and thanks to his camera angle you can see his cock pulsing, and then his cum jetting out of Rachel’s pussy around his cock! He holds himself balls-deep for a moment, thrusting a couple more times, before they both collapse. When Brian removes his cock from Rachel’s pussy, a huge stream of cum flows out like it was under pressure, lasting at least five seconds. You’re no math wiz but you guess there must be over half a gallon of cum, which seems impossible! But the growing puddle beneath your girlfriend defies the seeming impossibility. You blow your load hard, seeing faint stars from the intensity.

After a couple of minutes you see Rachel get up and head towards the bathroom to clean herself up, and the recording ends. You clean yourself up as best you can, head back into the bar and ordering another round of drinks. About twenty minutes later she texts you, asking if you’re okay. You reply back that you are, and want to know if she is, pointing out how intense that was just watching over video. You also tell her that it was amazing to watch, but you’re glad the lack of protection was fake.

Several minutes go by, making you start to worry, then your girlfriend replies, “It wasn’t fake, I really stopped my birth control a month ago and was fertile.”

You drop your drink in shock, then apologize to the angry bartender. “You took that massive load knowing you were ovulating?” you type back, stunned and angry that she didn’t tell you. You also notice that you’re getting hard again after she said that, but try to ignore it.

“I did, and I told you I might not be able to control myself, that I might like it too much and not be able to stop him from doing what he wanted with me,” Rachel writes back, following it up with, “I still love you and don’t feel any different towards you, but when he was inside me I just couldn’t tell him to stop. Are you still okay?”

You hesitate, then answer her, “I am, although I wish you would have said something earlier. What are we going to do now? What do you want to do?”

A few minutes later she finally writes back. “I want to do this again. I’m want to keep fucking Brian tonight and tomorrow, taking his cum deep in my fertile pussy again and again. Does this still turn you on?”

You stare wide-eyed for a moment at the message, then you answer, “Yes, it does. But I want you to video call me this time, I want to watch live as he fucks you, see your face as this stranger cums inside you, possibly knocking you up.”

You girlfriend replies quickly. “Possibly? I’m pretty sure it’s certain if I keep going. You saw how much he came. I looked three months pregnant before he pulled out! Are you really sure you’re okay with this?”

You hesitate again, throw back the rest of your drink in one gulp, then reply: