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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Shockwave...)

You wipe the glass on the window to see five or six black men outside holding their cocks. They all look at least twelve inches — you wonder how that’s even possible — but your thought is cut short by the squeal your girlfriend lets out.

You can tell the guy shoved up Rachel’s ass because you can even hear the guy outside’s grunts. Your girlfriend is still an anal virgin so it must be really tight. You shove your own dick inside your slutty girlfriend’s mouth and she really goes for it, giving you the best blow job you have ever had from her.

Rachel lets out a muffled sigh of relief as the black man finishes in her ass. The next guy steps up and shoves it deep into her pussy. Again her squeals of pleasure are muffled by you cock but just the thought of someone you don’t know and can barely see fucking your girlfriend unprotected makes you cum deep down her throat.

Rachel attempts to swallow it all but a little runs down her chin and drops to the floor. She is now moaning harder and faster than she has ever before especially with you. You see her orgasm over and over but you then hear her start to yell, “Oh God! Oh God! Your cock is enormous! I can feel it banging against my cervix! Fuck me harder! Oh god! Fuck! I want you to cum inside me!” she screams. “Knock me up! Put a black baby in my belly!”

Your jaw drops at what your little slutty girlfriend has just said to a complete stranger. You hear them both moan and you realize a complete stranger has just came inside Rachel with no protection and she loved it. The next guy steps up and rams his cock back into her ass.

Without your dick in her mouth you hear every grunt, moan and powerful orgasm coming from your little slut. You hear even more cars pull up and realize she’s going to be there for a while.

You shove your cock back into your little slut’s mouth and prepare for an amazing night.