Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You sit in front of the computer for a few seconds after the screen goes blank, thinking about what you just saw, how it made you feel, and what the consequences might be. You did tell your girlfriend you wanted to see John shoot his cum all over and in her body, and now that you think back, your girlfriend did ask you several times if you were sure about letting John do that to her. But now that it’s happened, and reality is sinking in, you get the butterflies in your stomach and there is a huge lump in your throat that is preventing you from swallowing.

You are startled from your thoughts when your phone rings, and it’s Rachel video calling. You slide open the phone and your girlfriend’s beautiful, sweaty face, framed by her sweat matted golden hair all tussled and messed is staring at you.

“Ross, I did it! I let John cum inside me like you wanted me to. Did you watch us?”

“Yes Rachel, I saw everything, I’m not quite sure what to think right now. I know I said to let him cum everywhere and anywhere, but now I’m not feeling so sure after seeing him cum inside you like he did.”

“Well, it’s done Ross, we are all-in at this point. John’s sperm-filled cum, and a massive amount of it, much much more than any of your sterile loads, is deep inside my pussy, swirling around the entrance to my womb right now. I can feel it inside me, so warm and tingly. There’s no turning back from this. Let me show you.”

Rachel pulls the camera back and you can see she is sitting on the edge of the tub where she was just inseminated a minute ago by her boss. She pans the camera down to her crotch, runs her free hand over her cum and sweat soaked golden pubic hair, then sticks a finger inside her slit and pulls it out again, which releases a heavy surge of John’s thick white cum that flows in a steady stream out of her. The heavy flow of cum then flows down the side of the tub. Rachel holds the camera steady for nearly a minute and the cum flows nearly the entire time. By the time she pans back up to her face, there is a sizable pool of thick, viscous fluid by her tiny feet.

“Do you see Ross? My pussy is awash in John’s cum!”

“Yes, but what if you get pregnant? What will we do then?”

“Ross! I asked you several times about this and you said for me to still do this! I need you to be sure about this with me! John was unsure about this too for this very reason. I can’t believe you are saying this right now!”

Rachel’s face becomes downcast and she looks like she’s about to cry. Thinking quickly, you say something you will probably regret later.

“Rachel, I’m sorry. You’re right. I did say you should do this, and it’s totally wrong of me to doubt it so vocally now. I love you and I know we did the right thing. Please continue with the sexting, let John cum inside you as much as he wants. Whatever happens, we will handle it together. I thought you were so hot in that last Nuru skit, I wanted to be John. Truthfully, I was more jealous than I’ve ever been of any other man, but I was even more turned on, I was feeling so confused. I came four times watching the two you!”

“Really Ross? Four times?”

“Yes Rachel! The fourth time I came, I was literally leaking cum continuously, you two were so hot!”

“I… Ross, thank you, I was so into the sex with John, I lost myself in the act. In that moment, when his perfect cock was so deep inside me, touching me in places you’ve never been able to, his cockhead battering my cervix with every stroke of his cock, all I could think was how wonderful I was feeling, how full my pussy felt, how amazing his cum would feel shooting inside me, filling me up to the brim with his seed. Then it happened, and it was so much better than any imagining. The pleasure and joy I felt every time his cock pulsed, filling me up with more and more of his sperm-filled semen was better than anything I’ve ever experienced before in my life. But afterwards, after his cock was pulled from my body, and I was feeling so empty, so disconnected from him, all I wanted was for him to push his wonderful cock back inside me. There was an instant and intense longing for that feeling back inside me.”

“Oh my god Rachel, it sounds like you are falling in love with John!”

“I don’t know Ross, but I don’t think, after today, I can live without John pumping his cock deep into me everyday.”

“What will happen to us and our relationship, Rachel?”

“I thought about that too, Ross. When John’s cock was so deep inside me spurting his cum into me, I started to wonder if you and I were going to last through this. Then when we started talking and I felt so, self conscious, guilty even, for having let John inseminate me like that, then I felt like a bad girl, a real slut for letting a man do that to me while I was with you!, but hearing how excited it made you makes me feel better, more like we are doing this together.”

“Rachel, I never expected the sexting to go this far, but here we are. It’s confusing and it makes me nervous, but it also excites me to no end. Watching you fuck John’s giant cock was so erotic and sensuous, I felt more alive than I have in years! And when I saw him pumping his sperm into you, inseminating you, that’s when I was constantly cumming. I know I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but I think I want to see more.”

Rachel is very quiet, and you can see her face go through several emotions, then it seems she makes up her mind.

“Ross, if you’re sure, then I’ll keep making these videos for you to watch.”

“I love you Rachel, no matter what happens from this point on, I know I can’t give you what you’ve experienced so far with my small dick, so I want you to keep experiencing John and his magnificent cock, his cock that gives you so much pleasure. I want you to be fulfilled, I want you to feel complete. If that means you getting inseminated over and over again, risking pregnancy, so be it. I will always support you!”

“Oh Ross, thank you, thank you, you understand me so well! I’ll send many videos every day, even after John and I get back. I want this to continue, okay my love?”

“Yes Rachel, of course. I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

“Oh Ross. I love you. I’m gonna go and fuck John again in celebration of us with a free heart. It fills me with joy knowing I can fully give myself to him, letting him be free to utterly and completely own and possess my body and womb, to have and ravage with his massive cock any time he wants, impregnating me with his children over and over again, and I’ll get to record it all for your viewing pleasure!”

“I would love that, Rachel!”

Rachel hangs up. Several hours later, your phone bleeps. It is Rachel:

“Recorded another skit in a video. Enjoy it and let me know what you think tomorrow. This last one kinda took a lot out of us so we are gonna go get some food then hit the sack so we have energy for tomorrow’s sex marathon! Get ready to jerk like you’ve never jerked off before! Just be careful your cock doesn’t fall off!! Lol, love you! Xoxo”