Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ML777...)

You’ve still got enough for another go as Katie’s firm ass is in front of you with Mia laying down on her back and moving underneath Rachel so Katie can lick them both clean.

You grip Katie’s hips and lift them up as Katie lets out a soft ‘Oh!’ and looks back to you with a cheeky smile. “It looks like Daddy finally wants to take Mommy hehehe.” She wiggles her ass as you run your hand over it tenderly.

“Then I’ll fuck you like a man should fuck a woman.” To this Katie moans a “yes” before licking over the two subs again. You finger her pussy which is already drenched before pressing your tip inside and slowly thrusting in. She gasps out and stops licking as she arches her back, letting you in deep with a moan of “Fuuuuuuuuuck.”

You begin to thrust into her at a smooth pace, your cock squeezed down by her pussy almost as good as Rachel’s. Speaking of Rachel, she and Mia have pulled themselves away to watch you two while fingering each other.

Mia then leans over Rachel’s leg and begins to lick her pussy while Rachel in turn runs her hand to Mia’s ass and begins to finger it while reaching for a double dildo. Growing hornier at the sight of the two doms, Rachel deep throats the dildo on both ends as lube before sticking it into Mia’s pussy. Quickly she turns around and pushes the other end inside and begins to thrust against the other sub.

Mia watches Katie’s face as she is fucked, the two kissing lightly, soon in a deep kiss as you pull up Katie’s chest in the process. Now as you are all connected, you each come again and lay down panting, hugging each other with light kisses being traded between the four of you.

“I’ve never felt so happy, so loved. Thank you Miss Rachel, Mister Ross,” Mia says before kissing you softly on the lips.

“Thank you too for changing my little slut’s view on our relationship, mister Stud,” says Katie. “From anal to strap on I think you’ve enlightened us both.” She comes up to you and cups your face before kissing you deeper than Mia.

“Hey that’s my Daddy first!” Rachel gets up surprisingly quick and wraps around you, wrapping her arms around your neck as she kisses you sweeter and more tenderly than ever before, lasting longer than you ever thought.

“I will always love you, love your cock and love your control over me. I also love the new playmates you brought me and I hope we can all be happy together,” says your girlfriend. You kiss again as Mia and Katie both kiss each other and reassure one another of a new love, before trading kisses with you two again, a small kissathon going on.

Finally you know how all this should end after today. “I know, let’s not end this. You two are always welcome here after classes and weekends, Katie and I will be the doms and you will be the subs forever, like sisters. Once you two graduate you can live here and we can do even more together. If you agree just kiss my cock.”

You smile as they look between one another and crawl over to each have space around your cock, eyes filled with insatiable lust staring at you as they each kiss the tip of your cock and then giggle. Satisfied, you give them each a kiss again before a crooked grin grows on your face.

“By the way, we still have the entire weekend to ourselves, so let’s continue this fuckathon with two cocks. Katie, I have a strap on for you with my exact cock ready to go.”

The End