Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

The last video is Rachel, and she’s just looking into the camera as she speaks.

“Ross, I’m sorry. This last video is not a skit. It’s just John and me fucking. We realized we never had a proper fuck, always making skits and acting, but not acting, haha. Anyway, we will make more skits tomorrow. But for this one, John and I just want to make love to each other. Hope it’s not too boring. Love you baby. Can’t wait for my belly to start growing with John’s baby!”

With that last statement, Rachel pulls back and you can see she is naked. She hasn’t bothered to clean up from her previous fuck with John. Her hair is a disheveled mess of sweat-matted golden locks. Her boobs are swelled, her nipples pointing straight out and nearly glowing red from her overstimulated state. Her toned and flat belly is still twitching and quivering slightly, probably from her previous breathtakingly intense fuck with John just a few minutes before the video was made.

Your eyes drift down to her golden bush and it is also a mess. The light and wispy pubic hair that usually looks translucent and ethereal is now soaked in John’s thick white cum, frothed by their fucking. There is so much whipped cum froth on her small tuft of light pubic hair that it is dripping, sliding and oozing down and onto her pussy slit. Her pussy slowly drips cum a drop a second as she stands in front of the camera for about ten seconds.

John enters the recording, looks at the camera and says, “Ross, you’re an incredible man. Thank you for sharing your girlfriend with me. Thank you for letting me fuck and impregnate Rachel. I hope to fuck her every day from now on, filling her with my seed, every day, as long as she allows me. I also want to say sorry if my big cock stretches her pussy out and it’s not as tight around yours when you get to fuck her again, hope you enjoy all our videos.”

John turns to Rachel, reaches down with his big and meaty sausage-sized fingers and begins to finger her clit, periodically rubbing her golden pubic hair and pulling up small tufts of it so her skin rises from the pulling. Rachel moans each time John pulls her pubic hair as if he had his fingers deep inside her already. A few minutes of this teasing and his fingers do go into her pussy. At first just one, then two, then three.

“Oooohhhhhh, John, keep doing that, your fingers inside me feel amazing.”

“Mmmm, your pussy is just as tight as it was earlier, amazing Rachel!”

“It’s always been very tight, John. Ross doesn’t know this, but I have a 9” realistic black cock dildo hidden on my side of the bed that I use when Ross is not home or asleep. It’s twice as long and more than twice as thick as his little cock. Much smaller than your cock, but big enough to stretch me out. But my pussy seems to return to its tightness every time, and I’m not easy on my pussy. Ross never knew or felt my pussy was less tight, ever.“

“Oh good Rachel, I love your tight pussy. I’m serious about wanting to keep you knocked up all the time.”

John leans into your girlfriend’s face with his and plants a gentle kiss that evolves to a slobbery spit swapping, tongue dancing lip mashing. Their arms are wrapped around each other’s bodies, roaming all over. John’s big strong hands at one point grab a cheek in each and knead them like dough. Then he pulls her cheeks apart hard, making her anus pucker. John readjusts his grip so his forefingers are within reach of her asshole. He puts them to good use, rubbing her anal pucker over and over again.

You watch in amazement as John plays with her asshole and works a finger inside her up to the first knuckle. Rachel has always refused anal sex, saying it was dirty and that her asshole was too tight to accommodate your cock.

“Oh John, your big finger is inside my asshole!”

You’re pretty sure she’s gonna slap his hand away, but to your surprise, she does the exact opposite.

“John, I’ve never had anal sex before, but after you fuck me in the pussy and cum in me again, I want you to take my anal cherry. Can you do that for me, my love?”

“Yes Rachel. I’d be honored to fuck my long thick cock into your asshole. You’re gonna love it!”

John grabs his thick shaft and lines up the huge plum-like cockhead with your girlfriend’s pussy. He takes his time and teases her with his cockhead. He rubs the head up and down over her clit making Rachel squirm. He rubs the head of his cock into her wispy golden bush, making sure to jerk and deposit a large amount of his almost constantly leaking precum into her fine pubic hair. By the time John readies himself to push into her pussy, her pubic hair is covered with drops and slivers of his cum.

John pushes his cockhead against her slit, bends his knees a little, then using his fingers like a pussy shoehorn, pushes forward and gets almost six inches of his cock into your girlfriend’s eager pussy.

“Ooohhh, John, I like this position. It makes me feel even more full in my pussy!”

John just grunts and pushes forward some more, getting another few inches into her.

“Nnngghhh,” comes from Rachel’s throat as John flicks his hips to jam the remaining two inches into her. His dark pubic hair meshes and tangles with her light golden ones, making it look like two-tone Velcro. John just wiggles his hips back and forth, making Rachel moan even louder.

John then begins to saw in and out of her as if he was cutting wood. You can clearly see about six inches of his cock pull out, then push back in. Rachel is grunting each time as if she is out of breath.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh!” Rachel pulls her legs together, which apparently makes it tighter, the friction between their skin increasing.

“Aaahhhhhhhh!” screams Rachel as John takes her clamping her legs together as a challlenge and increases the tempo of his thrusting to about two thrusts per second. Rachel’s boobs bounce up and down, her nipples scraping against John’s broad chest. Her arms are wrapped around the top of his shoulders for support, her head bent and looking down at John’s cock pumping in and out of her, making her long golden hair sway and bob with each of John’s thrusts.

“I’m cumming John! Aaaahhhhhhhhh!” shouts Rachel as her body begins to shudder uncontrollably. John holds onto her as she gasps and pants from lack of oxygen, as her body begins spasming. Rachel then sprays John’s cock and pelvis with a huge amount of girl juice — squirt, spray, squirt, spray…

“Oh my god Rachel, your pussy!” is all John gets out before he takes in a deep breath, grunts and slams his cock home, balls deep into your girlfriend to inseminate her once more. Aaarrrrggghhhhh!“ he growls as his cock and balls empty their seed into your girlfriend’s womb. He seems to cum forever, but finally even the man with the iron cock leans into Rachel’s body and seems to be trying hard not to fall down.

“Oh John, your cum inside my womb feels so wonderful, I wish We had done this four years ago when we met.”