Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You wake up at 7am, kinda early for a Saturday because you’re anxious to see if Rachel has sent you any new skits. You loved the videos from yesterday, watching John fuck your girlfriend silly and fill her full of his sperm-filled cum over and over again, inseminating her again and again. The last video from yesterday excited you like no pussy fucking could ever have done because throughout your entire relationship with Rachel, you’ve never been able to get her to give up her anal cherry, and not for lack of trying. You probably try to explore her down there every other time you have sex with her and she always slaps your attempts away. To watch John slam his massive cock balls-deep into that unsullied part of her body, the hole you have coveted for over six years, and fill her with severs ounces of his semen fulfills your fantasy and sexual imaginings by proxy. You want to see much more.

You look at your phone to see three text messages from Rachel.

“Hope you had a nice night, Ross. John always wakes very early in the morning, so we’ve been busy making skits for you. There are four skits we recorded and sent to your email. Check them out and let me know what you think, we had lots of fun doing them! Xoxo”

“Oh, I’m so glad you support me getting pregnant with John’s baby. I’m so proud to call you my boyfriend! And so is John. He’s so happy to fill me with his cum and put his children into my body, his cock is constantly hard! Lol!”

“We are gonna go out for breakfast, do some shopping in town, and plan our next few skits for later this morning. Hopefully we can send you a few more skits by lunch time. Love you!”