Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

This next skit has John all tied up on the bed and it seems the roles are reversed.

Rachel walks in to the room naked, her hips swaying side to side in a seductive and sultry way you’ve never seen before. The light shining through the window highlights her golden hair and makes it look as bright as the sun. Her golden pubes are just as bright and look almost transparent. Watching your girlfriend become so sexy and slutty looking turns you on and makes your cock hard just watching her tight ass cheeks.

John notices Rachel coming in and speaks. “Rachel? Wha… what is going on? How did I get here like this? And why are we naked? Please come untie me!”

“It’s okay John, you have nothing to fear. No one is going to hurt you. In fact, we’re about to have a lot of fun!”

“Rachel, I don’t know what’s going on, but I don’t think it’s going to be fun. Please help me get free!”

Rachel stops speaking and moves in closer to John. Kneeling on the bed between his legs, she places her small, soft, alabaster hands on John’s huge thighs. John is speechless and is doing his best to show a face of intensity and fear. He’s good. But not as convincing as your girlfriend was in the previous skit. Rachel’s hands move slowly up his inner thighs, eventually stopping when they get to John’s enormous soft cock. You stare at it wonder because it looks completely soft flopped over on its side, but still well over six inches and probably thicker than your rock hard cock.

Rachel grabs him with one hand, using the other to squeeze and pull at his plum sized cockhead. John’s cock begins to grow a bit from the stimulation.

“Mmmmm, I see you like my little white hands on your cock, John.”

“Rachel, it’s just an automatic reaction. I don’t want to do this. Please let me go!”

“I will let you go, but not until I’ve had my fun. Try to enjoy it boss. You deserve everything I’m about to do to you!”

With that statement, Rachel’s head goes down and she sucks his cock into her eager and salivating mouth. She makes loud sucking sounds as she blows John’s massive cock to life.

Within a minute, his cock is standing at full mast, leaking precum. Rachel flicks her pink tongue scooping up the cum and smacking her lips afterwards. Soon your beautiful girlfriend has his cock balls-deep in her bloated throat as she bobs her head up and down to fuck his cock with her throat. After several minutes, you can see her face and neck are so red she looks like she was badly sunburned.

Rachel pulls her throat off John’s huge cock and a thick film of her throat mucus extends down to his cock from her mouth. Rachel doesn’t bother to wipe her face and just climbs up John’s body. The mucus film breaks and covers her lower lip and chin, down to her throat. There is a significant amount on John’s cock. When your girlfriend’s pussy is in positions she sinks her pussy down balls-deep in one smooth motion. Both of them grunting loudly, Rachel wiggles her hips back and forth a few times, then begins to ride him hard and fast.

“Come on John, I know you’ve wanted me for a long time. Fuck this little pussy, fuck your huge cock into me and shoot your cum deep inside. I know you want it. I know you’ve fantasized about putting a baby inside this flat belly of mine. Isn’t that what you want? Boss?”

“Rachel, I… yes, but I didn’t want it like this! Nnggghhh!” John grunts as Rachel slams her pussy down as hard as she can and rotates her hips.

“Ooooh, John, I can feel your cockhead rubbing and pushing on my cervix, are you sure you don’t want this? It feels amazing!”

“Rachel please…”

“Please you want to cum inside me? Okay John, your wish is my command!” Rachel reaches back and massages John’s massive balls.

“Oh my god, Rachel, I’m cumming!”

Rachel smashes her pussy down even harder. You can see his balls bob up and the base of his cock twitch and pulse as he shoots her after her of his cum deep into your girlfriend’s fertile pussy.

Rachel shudders and shakes, her head pulled back and her mouth open in a noiseless scream as she orgasms all over his cock.

When the two of them finish cumming, Rachel falls forward and leans into John’s neck with her head, his still mostly hard cock buried inside her pussy to hold the cum inside.

“Good boy John,” says Rachel.

The video ends.