Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Shockwave...)

The beautiful hostess locks your hands to the chair and you get into as comfortable a position as possible. Your slutty little girlfriend assumes her position bent over a small table and positions the jug underneath her. She places a small bottle of lube next to her and prepares for an amazing night.

The door opens and at least thirty guys walk in all, holding their massive cocks. It’s clear that they enjoy the look of your slutty little girlfriend and start to crowd around her. Rachel starts to moan as every available piece of skin is touched in an incredibly sexually way. You think everyone is enjoying themselves but you are still a little worried about a black baby popping out.

The first of many black guys step up to your girlfriend’s pussy and rams their huge cock deep inside her. She lets out the most adorable little squeal of pure pleasure as the largest cock she has ever taken is slowly inched inside her.

He very quickly picks up the pace, and what were little moans and grunts turn into screams of both pleasure and pain. Another man takes advantage of Rachel’s open mouth and shoves his cock as far down her throat as he can before she vomits. She is now gagging and attempting to squeal at the same time but nothing is heard but the thudding sound of strangers banging your girlfriend.

The first man thrusts as far in as he can and cums deep inside her. You struggle against your restraints as black man cum leaks from Rachel’s pussy into the jug.

The next guy comes over and shoves deep into her ass. With no warning or gentle intro she squeals and almost starts to cry as her anal virginity is taken from her. The man fucking her mouth shoves his dick all the way down her throat and cums almost straight into her stomach. He steps back but she yells at him, “Cum in my pussy you dick, I want a big, black baby!

You watch in horror as man after man cums inside your girlfriend, doubtlessly making her pregnant. But finally after what feels like hours the last man steps up and fucks her for a while before finally finishing inside for the last time.

The hostess comes back in after the last man has left, but not to let you out, oh no, she takes off her dress in one fell swoop to reveal a giant strap on. Rachel is in for a surprise.

Your girlfriend tries to look back at what is happening but the hostess has pinned her to the table with a surprising amount of strength. She leans her hips back and rams the entire twenty-inch dildo straight up Rachel’s ass.

Screams fill the room but quickly change to moans and grunts as Rachel’s asshole is torn apart. Thrust after thrust, and after what sounds like many, many orgasms later, the hostess stops. She turns to you and says, “We hope you and your girlfriend enjoyed your visit and will come back soon.”

The hostess undoes the restraints and lets you out. You walk over to Rachel and ask if she is okay. She looks up at you with a huge grin on her face and can only barley manage to whisper, “I’m so getting pregnant, we have to do this again in nine months!”

The End