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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Rachel can’t remember how long it’s been since she was this drunk. Maybe college or even high school. She feels her head spinning and swoons. Luckily Jamie, your best friend who just happened to be in the right spot, caught her under her armpits as she slid backwards off the bar chair.

“Oh thank god Jamie. Thank you for catching me.”

“You’re welcome babe, I’m getting another drink. Want one?” Jamie says casually.

It’s hard to think straight, but “what the hell” she thinks, “if I’m not gonna get some, I might as well get drunk out of my mind.” And In her mind, she doesn’t have to worry about anything because her boyfriend’s best friend is there watching out for her. She never really liked him because he always gave her a little chill each time he was over when his gaze on her would linger, but all that is pushed out of her mind as she focuses more on her disappointment that on the night she is most likely to get pregnant, the night she planned for and set up so she and you could have an interesting role-play that hopefully led to her getting pregnant, in a hotel you could not afford regularly, it’s all ruined because of a train problem. Now she will have to wait another month before she is this fertile again and you probably won’t be able to afford this hotel again. Oh well.

“Yeah Jamie, I’ll take another screw, driver…”

Jamie smiles at her and orders the drinks. When they arrive, he releases the odorless and tasteless powder into her drink, quickly swirling the straw while the drinks are out of her sight to make sure the powder is dissolved completely before giving her the glass. Jamie needn’t have worried because Rachel is already far gone sitting in her seat. Her eyes are closed and she is holding onto the bar for support.

“Here you go, Rachel,” Jamie says, leaning into her ear, making sure his freshly shaven cheek is touching hers.

“Mmmm, thanks Jamie. What would I have done tonight without you?” Rachel slurs as she takes a big tug on the sweet alcoholic drink. Rachel doesn’t even taste the alcohol, and is more thirsty than anything, so she keeps drinking until her cup is tilted down toward her sucking lips and the ice cubes are resting against her teeth.

“Oops! I guess I drank a little fast,” Rachel says as she grins.

“You look like you’re doing just fine to me baby.”

“Haha, when did I become your baby, Jamie?” Rachel says back in retort. In her mind she was being snide, but outwardly she was so drunk it was hard to make out her words.

The bartender notices her drunkenness and gets Jamie’s attention. “She’s cut off buddy. I can see she’s about to pass out. You’d better get her to her room or take her home.”

Jamie plays the part of looking at her carefully then looking surprised. Rachel is so drunk she can’t even focus on her hand. He replies to the bartender, “You’re right! Good thing we have a room here. I’ll take her there now!”

Jamie fishes inside Rachel’s purse and finds her phone. He knows her code because he’s been watching carefully for the last couple months. He opens up her phone and sends his friend a text message written to sound like her. “Okay mister, the bar is closing.”

Rachel notices and asks, “what are you doing with my phone?”

“Just letting Ross know where you are going to be.”

“Oh thanks Jamie. You know, you’re not as creepy as I thought you were, and you’re not half bad looking either!” This seemed the polite thing for her to say given the fact that Jamie was taking such good care of her, and she is also beer-goggling pretty hard.

“Okay Rachel we should get going now.” Jamie literally grabs her by the waist and pulls her to him as he starts walking her out.

“Mmmm, I didn’t know you were so strong!” Rachel says as she rubs his shoulder and back.

Jamie mutters “good, it’s working” to himself, his insides jumping up and down in anticipation of what he’s about to do to his best friend’s girlfriend, this fine piece of ass. He is happy he spent the money on both the roofie and the fertility drugs as the effects are very noticeable. Without them, Jamie knew Rachel would retain enough of her senses to resist him later on, and she would never have let him grab her waist and pull her to him. Now, she has no chance against him. She probably won’t even remember. The thought makes him smile.

By the time he gets her up to her expensive room, he is carrying her in his arms like a baby. Rachel’s toned body is surprisingly heavy for him and he’s glad she didn’t pass out until just before they got to the door. Even then he struggles to lift her up and lay her down in the bed.

Her body is completely limp. But he has to make sure she won’t remember so he leans in and shakes her hard enough to rattle any person who was awake. Her arms and legs flail about. Not quite satisfied, Jamie also leans in very close to Rachel’s ear and calls her name loudly. No Response. Even louder now, still no response. The final time he actually screams as loud as he can. Nothing at all.

The two months of planning are paying off, Jamie thinks to himself. It all started when he accidentally saw a text stream she was using with one of her friends while snooping around on her phone when she wasn’t looking. He found out she was planning an impregnation date with you and the plan took root. What if he made her pregnant unknowingly and she had his baby? How exciting that would be to make happen.

And here he is, in Rachel’s hotel room staring down at the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on. It wasn’t hard for him as an engineer to find out which train you would be taking then sabotage the train so it would crap out and delay your arrival indefinitely.

Jamie begins stripping the clothes off Rachel’s limp body one by one, taking his time to appreciate her beauty. By the time he has her in her underwear, he is ready to cum in his pants. Recognizing he might cum too early, Jamie quickly strips down to bare skin. He can barely see his little cock because of his large hairy belly even though he is rock hard.

Moving between Rachel’s legs, Jamie excitedly rubs her clit and slit. There is plenty of moisture there, a side effect of the fertility drugs. Feeling around with his less than four inch cock, Jamie finds her slit and pushes himself into her pussy.

Her exquisite pussy. A pussy topped by a golden triangle of fine wispy pubic hair, a pussy moist and warm. His first. Jamie was a virgin until this very moment. It only takes him rutting six times inside her velvety cunt for him to blow his load. In all his jerking off, using male masturbators, nothing prepared him for Rachel’s exquisite pussy. Jamie unloads a lifetime of pent-up cum inside Rachel’s fertile pussy.

Panting deeply, gasping for breath, Jamie falls on top of Rachel’s limp body. She feels incredibly warm to him, her smooth, silky, alabaster skin lighting his hairy body on fire. Looking down at her smothered body, Jamie notices Rachel’s hard nipples, another benefit of the fertility drugs. He begins to suck on them, lightly nibbling like he’s seen in many pornos. He gets hard again and pushes into Rachel’s cum soaked pussy again. This time he lasts nearly five minutes before he blows his load into Rachel again.

Jamie proceeds to lick Rachel’s body from head to toe, he even turns her over so he can lick the skin on her back. Reaching her pussy, he can see his cum leaking out of her twice-fucked, twice-inseminated pussy. It turns him on and he finds he has another erection. Not wanting to waste any time he straddles her legs, and manages to get a couple of inches of his cock into her pussy. It’s a little hard to get more than that inside her because of her plump and toned ass, and his belly keeps getting in the way.

The discomfort of the position for him makes him stop, turn her over and reposition himself between her legs. This time around he lifts her legs up, folds them at the knees, and spreads them to either side of her body. Jamie is amazed at how flexible Rachel is as he slams his cock into her pussy for the third time today. Because he has cum twice already, he lasts much longer. Jamie is delighted at lasting so long even though his small cock only penetrates Rachel’s pussy three to four inches, Rachel’s pussy is so tight his cock feels wonderful inside her.

Jamie pushes into Rachel’s pussy as hard as he can, holding himself there and feeling if the tightness and heat around his cock. He pulls back to push in again hard and he accidentally falls out. I’m this position Rachel’s anus is slightly open and covered in Jamie’s slimy cum. Jamie notices and decides he’s going to take her asshole too. Aiming his hard cock at the entrance to her bowels, Jamie pushes inside. Rachel stirs a little at the intrusion. Jamie is unaware but he just took Rachel’s anal cherry. Something Rachel never let anyone do to her.

“Mmmmmmmm…” Rachel manages to moan as Jamie begins to pump his cock in and out of her.

The tightness of her anal ring and the heat inside her rectum is nearly unbearable, but Jamie is determined to fuck your girlfriend in every way possible so he continues to pump his cock into her until he unloads his bubbling cum as deep into her as possible. He remains inside her until he is sure his cock is not cumming any more, then pulls out of her with an audible pop.

Jamie moves his belly aside to look at his cock, which is coated in a brownish liquid. “My dirty cum from her asshole…”

He strokes his cock, which still responds to stimulation and gets hard again because he took several viagra and male fertility drugs before he approached Rachel in the bar. Grabbing his now hard cock, he slams it into Rachel’s pussy. It hurts him because his aim is off and he hit her pubic bone with the tip of his cock before sliding into her, but the brown cum all over his cock saved him from a broken cock. Seeing stars, Jamie holds himself fully inside Rachel’s messy pussy. When he can see straight again he fucks another load into your girlfriend and steps off the bed to inspect his handiwork.

Rachel is still passed out and her body is totally limp. Her nipples look like they are ready to burst, and are bright red from the intense sucking Jamie gave them earlier. Her flat torso is covered in the dark body hair that fell off him while he was molesting her. Further down, Jamie made sure to take plenty of pics of her golden pubes, matted down with his cum and sweat.

He takes several videos as well of her pussy and rectum leaking his cum. While taking one video Jamie scoops up a long stream of dark brown cum leaking out of her ass with his hand and rubs it into her pussy. Jamie vigorously massages the dirty cum as deep into Rachel’s pussy as possible. By the time he’s done, Rachel’s pussy literally smells like shit and his dirty cum is everywhere.

Jamie brings out his phone and takes nearly three hundred pictures, posing with his cock in her mouth, in her pussy, in her rectum. In each pic and video, Jamie makes sure both their faces can be seen.

Exhausted from all of the exertion, and his cock depleted, Jamie goes to the bathroom, wets a towel with warm water and some soap and gives Rachel a sponge bath. He makes sure to clean her crotch, using his fingers to scoop out as much of his cum as possible, knowing there was enough deposited throughout the night to get her pregnant.

Jamie carefully gets her dressed and after making sure there was absolutely nothing that was suspicious, walks over to the couch and lies down, falling asleep straight away.