Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Rachel finally gets up and walks naked to retrieve her phone. It just seems silly to cover up in front of John after he filled her pussy with a massive load of cum and maybe impregnated her, probably impregnated her. It was supposed to be you, that was why she rented the room you couldn’t afford, it’s why she picked this fancy hotel.

Looking at her phone, Rachel sees the four missed calls and several text messages from you letting her know you have arrived and where is she? Rachel stands mesmerized by the messages and the reality she had just had an affair with her Asian boss, and she experiences a moment of intense guilt and panic.

Now that her buzz is beginning to wear off, Rachel realizes she shouldn’t be with John and begins to gather her clothes so she could get dressed and go to her boyfriend.

John is lying on his side, watching her. “And where are you going?” he says lightheartedly with a smile.

Rachel looks at John smiling up at her and she wants to lie back down with him and stroke his beautiful cock. “To my room.” She looks down at her things, afraid she might stay with him if she looks at his beautiful form much longer.

John, who is now slowly stroking his semi-hard cock, is quite possibly the most handsome man Rachel has ever seen. John overflows with confidence as he pats the bed. Rachel drops her clothes on the floor at her feet and sits down next to him.

“John, you told Ross you would be taking care of me until Ross got here. He’s here so we should go.”

“I only ever said you shouldn’t be alone when you were so drunk.”

Realizing he is right, Rachel attempts to press on and leave the room. Nothing is stopping her, and she certainly doesn’t need John’s permission, but she feels guilty leaving the man who just fucked her so hard and gave her the most intense sexual pleasure she had ever known.

“I really need to get to my room and my boyfriend,” Rachel mutters.

John reaches over, ignoring Rachel’s statement and runs his fingers back and forth along her tiny cum soaked slit. “Rachel, I’m ready for more of your body. I was on top before, and now it’s your turn to be on top.”

Rachel feels her pussy twitching in eager anticipation of having John’s perfect cock deep inside her body again. “John, this is playing with fire.”

John keeps stroking Rachel’s slit, making more of his freshly deposited cum to drip out. “I think your boyfriend is one of those guys that fantasies about having his girlfriend fuck other men. Why else would he not try harder to get off that train and find a way to be here with you?”

“John, I meant protection, birth control, or the lack of it. And you are wrong about Ross. He’s not the type of man who would think that way. If he finds out about this I don’t know what he will do.”

John pushes three of his fingers deep into Rachel’s cum-soaked pussy, letting a gush of his thick white cum flow out of her body and onto his fingers and palm. A small puddle of white forms in his cupped hand. “Does Ross get turned on when other men flirt with you, does he like you to wear sexy clothes in front of other men?”

Rachel can hardly answer, only focusing on the big fingers going in and out of her over-stimulated pussy at that very moment, her mind cloudy from the impending orgasm. “Yes, no, I think, I mean sometimes, yes.”

“I’m telling you Ross has imagined you being with another man many times.”

Hearing those words from John triggers a strong orgasm that shakes her entire body. Rachel never expected you to be the kind of man who would share her with any other man, but imagining that you are sends her senses into overload.

John removes his fingers as Rachel’s pussy slows its twitching and spasming. He then brings them to her lips. “Suck on them, suck on my fingers.”

Rachel complies without hesitation, feeling the act is very natural to do. She is surprised she likes the taste of her juices commingled with John’s cum and licks hungrily at his fingers.

“Like the taste of our mixed cum?”

“Hmmmm, yes.”

“Don’t you think it’s a little late to worry about birth control now? Your pussy is filled with my cum. Come over here so you can be on top.”

With one swift motion John takes Rachel by her toned waist and has her straddle him.

“John, really, we shouldn’t. You’ve already filled me up with your cum so much, we shouldn’t make it worse…”

“Put my cock inside you Rachel, you are already filled to the brim with my cum. More at this point isn’t going to make a difference.”