Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Shockwave...)

“You can have twenty of the biggest, blackest guys hun, but I do want just one really hot chick to keep me entertained,” you say.

“That sounds fair Ross,” replies Rachel, “as long as you do watch the whole show and do not interrupt it.”

You are guided by Alice over to the door marked orgy and enter. Inside the room is a chair for you in the corner and a large mat in the centre on the floor for Rachel. You get into a comfy position in the chair and wink at your girlfriend.

The one really hot chick enters first, and she is a beautiful, tall blonde woman barely over eighteen years old. She’s wearing an amazing dress that shows off her modest tits and amazing ass. You give the thumbs up to your girlfriend and stare in amazement as the blonde strips down in front of you, giving you an amazing show. The door open once more and twenty massive guys walk in, all already naked and holding their huge cocks.

Rachel goes down on all fours and shakes her bare ass at them. They crowd around her and start to fondle every part of her.

But do you focus on the beauty that is the blonde in front of you, or do you focus on the massive orgy that’s about to take place?