Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

“Wow Ross, you didn’t take much convincing”, Rachel laughs. “But then again, I’ve seen your browser history, so I can’t say I’m entirely surprised!”

Shaking your head you make a mental note to remember to use private browsing in future. You don’t want her knowing about the shit you’re really into…

“But seriously though, we need to have some plans in place or it will be too obvious. I don’t want your friends thinking I’m up for anything whenever they want it.” Rachel pauses and looks you seriously in the eyes while she reaches down and slowly strokes your cock. “Unless we do want them thinking that… Of course, that would be wrong, wouldn’t it?”

“Um, yeah”, you groan as your girlfriend slides down to her knees and looks up at you. “You know…” you continue, but you’re stopped short as Rachel slides her lips over your cock and the warm suction of her mouth increases.

After a minute or two you’re about to blow, but Rachel leans back and slides her mouth off your cock, smiling devilishly. “You know what Ross? That they might get the idea that it’s okay to stop by… whenever they… want… for a… a quick… suck’n’fuck… session?” The last few words are punctuated by the slow bobbing of her head as she looks up at you.

“Yeah… that’d be… aahh…” you stammer, close to cumming. With that Rachel slides her mouth all the way down and back up to the head. And then stops.

“Yeah, we better start planning this right away!” she giggles and skips off to sit on the bed. “Should I be involved in the decision to bet me? Or should it be just you? Either way, is it going to be a once off ‘all in’ kinda thing or a series of little bets?”

Your girlfriend is talking so fast you can hardly keep up, especially with your mind still going around in circles over Rachel not finishing you off.

“So, what do you think Ross, how are we gunna do this?”