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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Shockwave...)

The beautiful blonde lowers herself onto your cock, nice and slowly. It’s an amazing feeling. But you soon focus back onto the awesome show that’s about to begin.

Your girlfriend starts to moan and squeal as the men run up against her, prodding her open orifices. You watch as they line up at each hole ready to enter her. The first huge man plunges deep into Rachel’s pussy. He’s soon followed by another, straight into her ass. Finally a man shoves his cock deep down her throat until she is gagging. Her adorable moans are muffled by the massive cock in her throat but it’s very clear she is enjoying herself. Meanwhile the blonde in your lap starts to gyrate on your dick, giving you the best feeling ever.

The guys in Rachel’s pussy and ass cum in unison and with satisfied sighs they back away and small amounts of cum dribble out. The next guys in line ram into her used holes at full speed straight away, giving her no time to rest. Only a few seconds later the man face-fucking her thrusts as deep as he can and cums down her throat. Another quickly takes his place.

The sight of your slutty little girlfriend makes you cum at least twice inside the majestic blonde who is still riding your cock amazingly.

After a few hours the final man cums inside Rachel and walks away. The blonde gets off you and you walk over to your now incredibly well-used girlfriend. She looks up at you with a grin. “God Ross, that was so amazing. Please, we gotta do this again some time.”

You pick Rachel up with cum still dripping down her legs and chin and carry her to the taxi bay and drive home.

She’s right though. You have to do that again. Soon.

The End