Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Rachel really went all out on this evening. The room is actually a one bedroom suite with a sizable living room that has a huge luxurious couch and an equally giant armchair. Seeing all this opulence makes you feel a pang of guilt at having it all come out differently than what she planned, but the prospect of what was coming pushes the guilt out of you. You set the drinks down and put on some sensual music. You then pass out the drinks. John sits in the armchair, which is even big for John who is a big guy. Rachel is lounging on the couch with one leg on the couch and the other on the floor.

From where John is sitting he has a clear view right up to her crotch. You’re not sure if she planned that or not but think it’s brilliant in either case. John shifts in his seat and adjusts his crotch. His eyes never leave Rachel.

You decide to hit the gas a little. “Rachel, if you’re gonna flash John your goods and tease him like that, why don’t you do it properly? I’m sure you could tease him much better with a dance!”

Rachel stands up, downs her drink in one long swallow and begins to sway her hips, her hands roaming up and down her body. “Mmmmmm, that sounds like a great idea, Ross!”

Slowly, Rachel sways, shakes and dances in front of you and John, both of your cocks straining to get out. You steal a glance at John’s crotch and you’re sure he’s got a large one in there. Rachel turns around, hooks her fingers on the strap of her dress and slides it down to her arms from her shoulders. She moves to the other side and repeats, using her free arm to hold up her slinky black dress.

She sways back and forth, and with each sway, she pushes the tightly fitting dress down further. It takes Rachel a full five minutes until the dress is just a black puddle at her feet. It’s excruciatingly sensuous, and you and John are literally drooling. Rachel can be so sexy for a strictly catholic woman who was brought up to be ashamed of her sexuality.

Rachel turns around, grabs her ass cheeks and rubs them. She pulls them apart and you can see the edges of her anal pucker and a tiny sliver of her pussy lips on either side of the lace thong. You can also see wisps of her golden pubic hair trying to escape from beneath the triangle of her panties.

Looking back at both of you, she turns around, approaches John and while standing only a foot from his knees, reaches up to push her perky boobs together. You can see her nipples are super hard, making a small tent under the sheer lace of the bra. You don’t know why she even wears a bra except it completes the lingerie. Rachel’s boobs are full and perky, standing proudly with no sagging,

Rachel steps up, puts a knee on the chair between John’s legs, her hands on the arms of the chair for support, and leans her perfect breasts in toward John’s face. Moving up and down with only an inch of clearance between them, you see John’s eyes are open wide as he soaks in the sexiness your girlfriend is exuding.

After a couple of minutes of this Rachel leans down and gives John a kiss, then says in a near whisper into his ear, “It’s okay to touch me, I know the bouncer!” and looks your way. Rachel winks with a devious smile and pushes her boobs into John’s face, wiping her perfect globes back and forth across John’s flushed face. John kisses and licks her exposed skin above the bra leaving shiny wet saliva spots everywhere on Rachel’s chest.

“Mmmm, ooohhhh, your mouth on my skin feels so good John,” says Rachel, then she reaches up with her hands and unbuttons John’s shirt exposing his rippling muscles underneath. Rachel slides his shirt down his back and off of his arms so John is completely topless. She soaks in John’s muscular physique before she resumes rubbing her breasts on hisnaked chest, moaning loudly.

You zone out for a moment and wonder how turned on Rachel might be right now because this dance for John is much sexier and more animalistic than it ever was for you. Your beautiful girlfriend amazes you even more when you think about the fact that she is strictly Catholic when it comes to sex. You are never allowed to use condoms and it’s always only the pull out method. So when you watch your amazingly beautiful Rachel, her golden hair swaying back and forth across her nearly naked back as she rubs herself sexy body across her Asian boss’s equally beautiful body you spring a hard-on from the intense taboo of the situation. Your attention is brought back to your sexually supercharged girlfriend.

Rachel’s hips move back and forth making the thin fabric of her black lace thong dislodge from covering her quivering little starfish and dripping pussy slit. Soon there are streaks of her juices visible on John’s pants.

“Oh my god, Rachel, you are so hot and sexy!” John says as his hands continue to wander all over her exposed skin.

Rachel looks over at you, then at John, smiles, kisses him, then slides her body down so she is kneeling on the floor between his knees as if she was going to start giving him a blowjob. Rachel then reaches up and unbuckles John’s belt, unbuttons him and slowly unzips his fly. You can see beads of perspiration on John’s forehead as he stares intently at your beautiful girlfriend as she undresses him.

Rachel grabs the waist of John’s pants and pulls, taking her time. John’s chest is heaving with deep breaths from his excitement at being undressed by your girlfriend. You observe that John is nearly hairless except for his legs. Rachel finishes pulling John’s pants off and slides her hands up his legs. You can see John’s cock under his boxers much better now, and it’s a monster. You can see the tip of his cock is poking out from the waistband as it twitches up and down, straining at the fabric.

This movement is not lost on Rachel. “Ooohhh, you have a really big one, John. Verrry nice.”

Her hands reach his boxers and they disappear under the fabric. She pulls them back and gets them back inside his boxers several times, her hands getting closer to John’s manhood each time.

Rachel pulls her hands back a final time, then takes a finger and runs it up the shaft of his massive cock then says, “So big and hard, do you like your dance John?”

John is quick to answer. “Yes Rachel, you are amazing.”

Smiling at his answer, Rachel leans her head in really close to John’s cock, less than an inch, and blows her breath on it with pursed lips as she moves her head upward towards his. Once her face passes the exposed tip of his cock and her breasts rest on either side of his shaft, Rachel stops and shakes her chest. Her breasts rub back and forth on his barely covered cock and you can see the tip of his cock slowly becoming exposed from the rubbing of Rachel’s boobs.

After a couple minutes of her perfect boobs passing back and forth, you can see about two inches of him is uncovered. John’s cockhead is enormous, like the size of a large ripe plum. His cock is so long the head covers his belly button. Rachel’s breasts continuing to go back and forth across his giant cock, slowly uncovering more and more of him.

Closing her eyes, Rachel continues her climb up John’s hard body until she is straddling John’s cock with her barely-covered pussy pushed up against his erection, only two pieces of flimsy fabric separating their sex.

Rachel kisses John, their tongues dancing back and forth, as her hips rock up and down. Both John and Rachel moan when she does this. And you can tell Rachel is pressing down hard on John’s partially exposed cock with her barely pussy. Her pussy that is barely covered with a sliver of sheer lace fabric, and you know her pussy lips are probably touching his bare cock at least a little bit. Your cock becomes so hard it hurts.

Rachel and John continue to kiss with Rachel rubbing her pussy up and down John’s now half-exposed cock for nearly five minutes. Rachel breaks off her kiss, stands and turns around so her back is to John. She sits down on his cock again, putting her hands on John’s knees for support and rubs up and down his now mostly-exposed cock. You can see almost three quarters of it and it must have been more than eight inches long minus the still covered parts.

Rachel’s hips rock and sway back and forth across his shaft initially, then she moves forward and back, so her pussy lips ride his shaft instead of going back and forth across it.

John has his eyes closed, breathing heavily, his hands on your girlfriend’s hips. Rachel is also breathing very heavily now and you can see her skin is covered in a sheen of her perspiration. Rachel runs her scantily-clad pussy up and down John’s raging hard cock. Her rubbing eventually pushes the waistband of John’s boxers down far enough that the entire shaft as well as his huge balls are now exposed.

You see her looking down at what she has accomplished and she licks her lips as if she is hungry for more. Rachel continues to rub her scantily-clad pussy up and down the enormous length of John’s cock as she looks at you. You give her a slight nod to let her know it is okay for her to continue and she mouths to you, “thank you!”

All the rubbing has moved the little triangle of fabric around and bunched to the side of Rachel’s crotch, exposing her pubic mound and her tousled golden hair. Rachel continues to rub up and down, spreading her pussy juices on John’s shaft and making a drippy mess. A couple minutes of this and you can see a thick layer of her pussy’s juices beading up on her golden pubic hair like morning dew, quivering as her pussy glides along John’s now slick shaft.

Rachel reaches behind her, grabs the flimsy fabric of the stretched out thong and pulls it aside so the skin of her dripping pussy can make direct contact with the skin of John’s massive thick and veiny cock.

Rachel moans. “Aaaahhhhhh!”

John grunts. “Nnggghhh!”

You unbuckle your pants and drop them to the floor, getting naked from the waist down. You grab your rock-hard cock and begin stroking yourself. You’re not a small guy by any means, measuring in at over seven inches and a good thickness too, but John’s cock is several inches longer and looks more than twice as thick. You know you’re not gonna last long once you begin stroking like you want, but you want to last longer, so you go slow and take very deep breaths to stave off your ejaculation.

As you stroke your rock-hard cock, you can’t quite believe you are stroking to your once pristine and still very strictly Catholic girlfriend who is almost completely naked, rubbing her now bare and dripping pussy up and down her Asian boss’s massive cock like she has no purpose other than to rub her overheating pussy on John’s cock.

Rachel notices your state of undress and your cock in your hands, smiles and unbuckles her bra, letting it fall to the floor to completely expose her amazing boobs, her nipples bright pink and hard as little pebbles. Rachel leans back against John and pulls the little bit of fabric called her panties down towards her feet and off her body, kicking it to the side with her one toe. Rachel is completely naked now and so is John. With all of the shuffling and repositioning of their bodies, the boxers that were pulled down around his knees have fallen to his ankles, which he steps out of easily.

You marvel at how easy it was to get your amazingly beautiful and once completely faithful girlfriend to get naked with her boss and have her rub her dripping pussy up and down his massive cock. You also think how natural and easy it was for you to drop your pants and grab your cock.

Rachel resumes sliding her pussy up and down on John’s cock and turns her head so she can kiss him. John hungrily kisses back, his hands coming around to massage her heaving breasts, his big fingers sliding over her erect nipples. They continue to kiss, and Rachel takes one arm and reaches back to caress the back of John’s head while the other reaches up and rests on one of John’s hands. The contrast of her pale skin over John’s dark Asian-olive skin makes your cock leak a little cum. Rachel presses John’s hand into her one boob, moaning at the added pressure.

A moment later, Rachel, who now has her eyes shut tightly, guides John’s hand down, reaching her flat toned belly, continuing toward her lower abdomen and finally reaching her patch of wispy golden pubic hair. Her pubic hair becomes entwined between John’s fingers as he gently rubs her pubes, her hand going back up to grab her recently abandoned boob.

You are so close, the scene that is unfolding in front of you is one from your deepest wildest dreams, one you allow yourself to experience only once in a long while, and one you definitely never even hoped might come true, but here you are watching your conservative, strictly Catholic girlfriend, a woman who never allowed you to use any form of birth control except the pull out method because it was against Catholic doctrine, getting so turned on by her Asian boss with a giant cock, having been convinced to give him a lap dance upon your suggestion, having gotten completely naked and rubbing her nakedness against John’s. Your mind is ready to explode with the possibility that your fantasy and desire to be cuckolded by another, better-endowed man is about to happen.

You feel your balls tighten up as John’s hand on your girlfriend’s pussy travels down to touch her clit. It sends Rachel into a massive orgasm, her entire body shaking, twitching, and shuddering. Her pussy suddenly sprays out several arcs of her pussy juices as she breaks off her kiss and screams, “Aaaahhhhhhhhhiiiiiii!”

She wiggles and bucks so much that John’s previously trapped cock springs free while her pussy is spraying its juices and pops up between her legs. Rachel sees his cock between her legs and says, “Oh my god your cock!” then she sprays some more, covering his pulsing and twitching cock in her hot spray. This triggers John’s orgasm and he erupts like a geyser, his thick white, sperm-filled cum shooting out of him in massive ropes, landing first on her boobs, then her belly, then her abdomen, the last several jets covering her golden pubic hair.

You stroke one time after seeing him shoot his cum straight up at your girlfriend, and blast your cum up into the air as well. You’ve never cum so hard in your life. You lose your vision for a couple of seconds as you shoot jet after jet of your cum into the air toward your girlfriend and John. Your first jet shoots up over your head with the next few going nearly as high.

The room is filled with the heavy scent of sex as cum from all of you is flying everywhere. Later on you end up wishing you had recorded the lap dance.

It takes everyone a few minutes to catch their breaths. You fall back into the couch, your eyes closed and breathing heavily. After a minute you open them to see Rachel leaned up against John’s chest, his still hard as rocks cock poking up between her crotch. His incredible cock is still leaking slightly and tapping against her pussy as if it had a mind of its own, and your girlfriend has her eyes closed, her hands rubbing his cum into her skin from her golden pubes to her neck.

You close your eyes again and don’t open them again until Rachel speaks. “Oh my god, Ross, did you enjoy that?”

You look down at yourself. Your legs, cock and belly are covered in your own cum. There is so much you wonder where it all came from. Your cock is still mostly hard, which is amazing because almost all of the time you can only get it up once.

“Yes baby, that was so hot!” you reply.

“Does your girlfriend have permission to grope her boss like he did to his employee?” Rachel asks.