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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Rachel had planned on this night with you because she knew her ovulation started this morning, making today her most fertile day. She knows John is about to cum inside her because she can feel his cock expanding and pulsing inside her, getting ready to blast her insides with his sperm. Rachel knows she will probably become pregnant with John’s baby if he comes inside her.

But it doesn’t matter to your sexually-incensed girlfriend in this moment. She wants John to fill her up with his cum. She needs John to fill her up with his cum, his sperm-filled jism, painting her womb, propelling her into motherhood. There was nothing else she had ever desired more intensely in her entire life, in her entire existence, than to be filled with John’s seed right now and make his babies.

Rachel feels John’s cock expanding even more and then pulse, expanding and shrinking rapidly inside her tightly stretched pussy as he begins to cum. Rachel then feels the first blast of his hot cum shoot out of the tip of his cock and smash against her open cervix. Rachel feels John’s cum blast out of him to smash against the entrance to her womb. His cum shoots out again and again, heating her up and making it hard for her to do anything but focus on his cum inside her.

Rachel knows John’s massive cockhead has pried open the entrance to her womb with all of the battering it did before when she was sliding her pussy up and down on his cock. She is completely unprepared for how good his hot sperm-filled cum will feel inside her body. She never imagined a man’s cum would feel so good, warm her up so much, and give her so much pleasure.

Because the slit at the tip of his cock is lined up with the pried open entrance to her womb, much of his cum is shot directly into her fertile womb.

Rachel convulses uncontrollably for nearly ten minutes after you blast your cum deep into her throat, and John cums deep inside her pussy, inseminating her. You watch as her body shivers and shakes, her limbs twitching, her breathing coming in gasps, her golden pubic hair still standing on end and quivering like it was just shocked with a jolt of electricity. John holds onto her, his cock securely planted inside her still spasming pussy.

As Rachel’s orgasm begins to wind down, John screams out again and very obviously cums into your girlfriend again. Her pussy continuing to pulse around his cock. John just came from Rachel’s pussy squeezing and milking him for all she was worth, her body acting on her deeply embedded genetically coded behavior to reproduce with an alpha male. You watch as his balls contract over and over again, the base of his shaft pulsing in rhythm with his balls as he deposits a second massive load of sperm inside your girlfriend in less than ten minutes.

Shortly afterwards, John’s spent cock slips out of Rachel’s still spasming and still ultra-tight pussy. There is a massive flow of thick, white, viscous cum that rushes out of her body like a broken dam.

“Oh no you don’t!” Rachel blurts out as she reaches down, scoops up as much of the leaking cum as she can, and fingers it back into herself. Rachel fucks herself with her hand until she gives herself a small orgasm that makes her shiver.

She leans back across John’s big chest and closes her eyes, throwing her arm across her eyes and reaching up with her other hand to caress John’s face.

You look across at your beautiful golden haired goddess of a girlfriend, the hair on her head matted down on her forehead from her sweat, her golden pubic hair soaked and crisscrossed with thick, oozing sperm-filled cum, literally dripping down over her still cum leaking pussy, laying on top of her Asian boss, his huge semi-hard cock starting to come back to life between his and your girlfriend’s legs, as his hands caress your girlfriend’s heaving breasts and flat stomach.

Do you send John home ending the amazing night with him to selfishly keep your girlfriend for yourself, or do you invite John to stay with you and Rachel to see what else you can do together?