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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Bobby...)

You bind Rachel’s hands behind her back and stuff her used panties in her mouth. She wriggles in delight as the strong rope holds her arms in place. Then you take out your throbbing cock and stroke it a few times before picking up the paddle. You lift her up onto the bed and push her face into the blanket.

“Time for your punishment you little slut,” you say. Your girlfriend moans into her panty gag as you paddle her perfect ass until both cheeks are bright red and tears begin to form in her eyes.

You pause as Rachel whimpers into the gag and begin to kiss her red butt to make her feel better. At the same time you stroke your cock and gently place it between her beautiful ass cheeks.

You slowly thrust your dick forward into her tight asshole. She protests at first but begins to moan in pleasure as you enter deeper and deeper.

After minutes of fucking Rachel’s tight ass you push her onto her knees and unleash a stream of thick cum onto her face and perky tits. She blinks as some hits her eye. You take the panties out of her mouth and she begs you to tie her up again.