Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“I want to do nude modeling!” says Rachel. “I know it’s kinda out there for me, but I saw an ad last week and it looked so interesting.”

“Wow… that is a lot! What does it entail?” you ask with some surprise, but with equal interest.

“I’m not sure honey. It just says, ‘male and female models needed for instructional manual. Some light nudity required.’ So I guess I might have to be in my underwear or maybe have my top off…” Rachel says to you.

Finding her interest cute, you chuckle as you comment, “Haha… are you sure you want to try this? It’s okay by me if you want to get in front of a camera and pose naked, but you are so shy and conservative when it comes to your body. You don’t even want the lights on when we have sex!”

Rachel starts to retreat from the conversation. “Well… I… I just thought…” Then she takes a deep breath and blurts out, “I know I’ve been very shy with my body around you, but I really want to try expanding my comfort level. I thought maybe if I was able to expose myself to being nude or scantily clothed in front of others I might be able to be more bold or explore more with you…”

Her comment is something you’ve been hoping to hear even before you moved in with her and she gave you your two boys. Now you feel expanding her sexual horizons is even more important to your relationship than ever. If she couldn’t do it comfortably in front of you in private, maybe this experience could kick start a new phase of sex in your lives. “I will completely support you, Rachel. I’ve wanted us to be able to expand our sexual experience to more than the push and pull of missionary since I first met you, so yeah… go right ahead and check out what’s it’s about.”

“Thanks Ross. I’m so glad I got that off my chest. I have an appointment to see the photographer this afternoon.”

You imagine many things happening to your girlfriend in these photo shoots as you watch her drive off down your driveway and it gets your cock stirring in your pants.

Rachel has never modeled before. She never thought she was pretty, feeling lucky you found her attractive enough to be with her. But Rachel has always had a serious self-image problem and dressed to hide her best features. If she spent even a modest amount of time on her looks, she would have men lining up to get at her.

Rachel exercises everyday for at least an hour, cardio, weights (and not just the light ones), yoga, stretching, and meditation. When in her swimsuit, she looks like she belongs on a women’s fitness magazine. Her bright and piercing blue eyes and shoulder length golden hair matching her smooth alabaster skin. A true beauty. You’ve only seen her pubes a few times because she is so careful about hiding her body even though you are her boyfriend, but you know they are naturally wispy and golden just like the hair on her head; a golden triangle pointing to her perfect pussy. You’ve only seen her pussy a couple dozen times, but she has a tiny pink slit, maybe a little bigger than an inch long.

Her pussy is so tight, your smaller than average cock at four inches long on a good day feels squeezed. You hope this situation pans out to help propel your pleasure in bed with her. You cross your fingers.