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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Miss Majestica...)

Suddenly, Jamie grabs Rachel’s hips roughly and slams her down onto his cock.

“Oh!” Rachel gasps, her breasts jiggling. The mixture of pleasure and shock on her face is like heaven to you as you watch the scene.

Jamie keeps pounding into your girlfriend in monstrous thrusts, stealing loud moans from her dark, lip-sticked lips. Jamie tenderly kisses her soft throat, while she shudders and moans.

“Jamie… oh!” she cries out, grabbing his muscular arms. “Oh, oh, oh! Yes… God, more!”

Jamie grunts and pauses for a moment, making Rachel squirm and write around his cock. You feel like you’re about to come just from looking at the sight.

Then Jamie starts thrusting in and out of her pussy, almost at super speed. Rachel moans loudly, cries out, and suddenly screams.

“Dang it, Jamie! You hurt her!” You snap angrily, pulling against the scarves.

“I- I- I…” Jamie pulls out of Rachel’s unprepared ass with a guilty look.